Sainz retaining trust in struggling McLaren

Published on 08 Jan 2019 12:37

Carlos Sainz is confident that McLaren can pull itself out of its current struggle and return to the front of the grid in the coming years. Sainz joins the Woking squad for the 2019 season after completing stints at Toro Rosso and Renault.

McLaren's downfall began after the 2012 season, and has seen just one race since provide it with a step onto the podium. After a turbulent three years with Honda as its engine supplier, it switched to Renault units for the 2018 season. 

However, the change failed to bring results, with the team slipping towards the rear of the field as the season wore on. But Sainz is hopeful that the team will successfully emerge from the current hole and find success once again.

"I want to see better results than this year," said Sainz. "They also want to see it. Also evolution through the year. It's a bit of everything. McLaren are perfectly capable of that. That's why I'm going there.

"I have a lot of trust in the second most successful ever F1 team. They've won [before], hopefully they will remember how to do it [again]. Little by little, in a mid-term project, they start going back to the top."

As well as replacing its drivers for 2019, McLaren has also made a number of changes in technical and senior roles in a bid to make progress. Sainz says that his first year at McLaren will be crucial for his long-term plans.

"I want, as a driver, but also as a fan, to see the team going forward," said Sainz. "So, if we manage to get a good first year next year and a good head start on how things are going to evolve I really think I can create a family out of McLaren and spend a few years there.

"That's my target at the moment. I'm going there going year-by-year, but also thinking about trying to be one of the key factors helping McLaren go back to the top. Because of that I'm extremely motivated, I'm extremely looking forward to it."

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SE calle.itw 08 Jan 2019 20:220
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They have to. Considering the kinda debts McLaren is facing, they need to get up to regular point scoring standards to survive.

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