Vergne would like Formula E and Formula 1 to merge in the future

Published on 02 Jan 2019 15:32

Reigning Formula E champion Jean-Eric Vergne says he would be keen for Formula E and Formula 1 to merge together in the future. Formula E, which is the leading electric cars series, was launched in 2014, with races taking place on street circuits around the world.

It has attracted many top-tier drivers, as well as some leading manufacturers including Mercedes, BMW, Audi and Jaguar. F1 took on hybrid regulations in 2014, with the cars now having a major influence from electrical power, as well as the combustion engine.

"In the future, 2030 or something like that, there will only be electric cars or cars with new technology, we will not be running petrol or gasoline engines and the like," Vergne told RaceFans at the FIA Gala last month. 

"Formula 1 will have to completely change its mentality in the field of electricity, but again, it's not up to me to decide, Formula 1 is Formula 1 and I think it will always be Formula 1. It's the most important series in motorsport history and I always think that will be the case. 

"Formula E is a bit different and in my opinion it does not compete with Formula 1, but I sometimes hear that the two classes might fuse one day, which I would like to have, as you keep on doing the best of the Formula 1 and the Formula E. That would be nice."

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US mcbhargav 02 Jan 2019 16:410
Posts: 799
FE has the interest of manufacturers, and F1 don't. F1 has speed( and technology,talent and the brand recognition). Perhaps, both would like to maintain the status quo. I guess, Its relatively easier for F1 to become FE, than the other way around. So, it all boils down to the question of, if FE can become F1 faster than F1 becomes FE+F1.
US ajpennypacker 03 Jan 2019 04:580
Posts: 1508
I would predict that all else remaining equal, if FE somehow managed to become significantly faster, approaching F2 speeds, that FE would start to compete. FE already has a tremendous portfolio of sponsors. It was designed for the digital world, so it's a few steps ahead of FE in terms of marketing, it's just a lot smaller still.
SE calle.itw 03 Jan 2019 10:330
Posts: 5895
F1 has the speed and the fans, and a rich history along with money and sponsors. FE dont. You have one release, one day in the spotlight, one moment to get attention. FE wasted their moment and blew their load far too quickly. It doesnt matter if "its good now", numbers matter, and FE is losing money at a rapid pace. No Man's Sky "is a good game now", but that wont save it because there is no interest in it anymore. For Honour "is good now", but that too bled out too quickly and wont recover. Being good now doesnt matter, it should've been good at launch to even have a chance against the likes of F1. All it has now is being EV, something F1 is bound to switch to once its allowed to do so.

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