Sainz: McLaren should 'fear everyone' in 2019

Published on 28 Dec 2018 15:44

Carlos Sainz believes that McLaren should fear every other team in 2019 following the tightness of the midfield battle last season. McLaren ended the year in sixth place, despite falling towards the back of the field as the season wore on.

Sainz did his part for Renault to ensure it ended the year in fourth place, winning the 'best of the rest' fight. It narrowly beat newcomers Haas to the spot, while Sauber resurged from being backmarkers for two years to consistently fighting for points.

“If they are actually now the strongest midfield team, I think we should all fear them,” Sainz said about Sauber. “But next year we should fear everyone. You think about Sauber, but then you think about Force India with a bit more budget, what they could be capable of.

“You think about Renault, what they are able to do. You think about Haas, if they keep getting the amount of Ferrari parts that they are getting and Ferrari keeps dominating [engine development], they should be also very strong.”

While McLaren's short-term plan is to get to the head of the midfield pack, Sainz is hoping that 2019 will see a decrease in the gap between the front-runners and the rest. A number of fresh aerodynamic regulations are being introduced next year in order to aid that cause and also provide closer racing.

"What I really hope is that the space between midfield and the top teams gets a bit more close, and we have a bit more exciting racing,” said the former Toro Rosso driver.  "Then who comes out on top, we will see. It’s about the one who gets the new regs better.”

Renault has been behind Mercedes and Ferrari on the power unit side for a number of years, and Sainz is hoping that the French squad, who will once again supply engines to McLaren in 2019, will close the gap to its rivals.

“I need Renault next year, for them to think about the engine and really make a step,” Sainz stated. “If not, Mercedes and Ferrari, even Honda, they’re going to keep evolving and creating this gap which is very difficult to cut back. It’s difficult to say, but I really hope this situation starts getting a bit better and we have a closer field.”

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SE calle.itw 28 Dec 2018 20:150
Posts: 5898
A wise stance. McLaren cant afford to slack off, the time to perform is now. Especially regarding their shots at reclaiming sponsors, which they desperately need with the kinda debts they have. Their main rival right now, aside from STR mayhaps, is Renault. Logic says they should be allies as they share engines, though personally methinks they are the closest rivals for 2019 and onward. If they cant beat them in the following years, there is no chance for them with Renault, IMO.
US mcbhargav 28 Dec 2018 20:590
Posts: 800
Great mindset to enter the season with. Mclaren should be on the toes till they reclaim: 1) A race victory 2) A title sponsor 3) Interest from the top 3 drivers.
SE calle.itw 28 Dec 2018 21:160
Posts: 5898
Oh, indeed, and one that I like. Mclaren need more of this, the hunger that drives us into, as we Souls-players like to refer to it as, gittin' gud. McLaren cant afford to stay where they are, especially not with the debts they currently have since breaking the Honda deal, they need to get money both for their own general survival and for their on-track success.
US Ram Samartha 29 Dec 2018 05:060
Posts: 312
Thanks Carlos for overstating the obvious!

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