Hamilton hit with reprimand after pitlane entry mishap

Published on 23 Nov 2018 17:53

Lewis Hamilton has received his second reprimand of the 2018 season after he crossed the white line at the entry to the pitlane in Abu Dhabi. The Briton was attempting to return to his garage following the conclusion of the first free practice session.

However, he overshot his braking point and ran wide, missing the entry zone and crossing the white line. He then proceeded to stop, reverse back and then enter the pitlane.

The stewards reviewed the incident and decided to give the five-time world champion a reprimand for his actions. It marks his second reprimand of the year, but his first driver related one, meaning that he escapes a grid penalty for the incident.

Can Lewis Hamilton win the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix? The Briton is currently 5/2 to take the victory!

“The Stewards reviewed video evidence and telemetry, noting that on entering the pit lane after the end of FP1, Car 44 locked up and crossed the white line at the entrance to the pits,” the FIA Stewards statement confirmed.

Hamilton failed to top either of the two Friday practice sessions at the Yas Marina Circuit. The Briton admitted that he wasn't entirely comfortable with the car throughout the opening session, but found rhythm in the second session as the night descended.

"Overall, it's been a good day; even though the first session was not great,” Hamilton said. “The track was very green in the beginning, so there was a lot of sliding around and - just like everyone else - we were struggling with the tyres.

“There's a big difference in track temperature between the two sessions; the conditions in FP2 are much more representative of qualifying and the race, so in that respect FP1 and FP3 don't really tell you a whole lot.

“We made some really good changes over the break and I was much happier with the car in FP2, but there's still a lot of work to do. Red Bull looked quick today, they're usually fast in practice and in the race, so I have no doubts it will be the same this weekend.”

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SE calle.itw 23 Nov 2018 18:20+1
Posts: 5618
Reprimand after reprimand and warning after warning. He really does get away with it all, doesnt he?
US ajpennypacker 24 Nov 2018 00:240
Posts: 1399
Honestly, did you really want a 5 place penalty for that? That is exactly the sort of discretion I expect from stewards. As far as I saw he didn't endanger anyone. The problem would be if the enforcement is not consistent and others have gotten penalised for something similar. I can't think of anyone getting grid penalties for multiple warnings this year. But perhaps I'm wrong.
Posts: 946
I saw this incident and thought nothing of it. However reversing there could have been dangerous but it wasn't this time. I agree with you AJP that they wanted to avoid setting an precedent. Wasn't Grosjean 1 warning away from a raceban?
SE calle.itw 24 Nov 2018 09:310
Posts: 5618
Thing is: Hammy has had more warnings than anyone else this season, and hasnt been penalized once. Its kinda getting ridiculous. I dont necessarily think a grid penalty is appropriate, buuuut maybe add a point or two to his license? Y'know, like the others have gotten for far fewer incidents?
US ajpennypacker 24 Nov 2018 18:330
Posts: 1399
@calle point taken. It leaves a bad aftertaste in you mouth when after multiple warnings these result in no penalty. But I'd still prefer no penalty unless some dangerous situation or unfair advantage are created. As far as I know the only dangerous precedent that has been set was Seb in Brazil running over cones, almost running over Marshall, and ruining the FIA scale.
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He´s got another rulebook than the other drivers because he is English. He gets away with Everything
SE calle.itw 23 Nov 2018 18:420
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Welcome to F1Today, BupBup. Your comment kinda got me thinking of Lady Sovereign's Love me or hate me. X)
Posts: 183
no golden boy has the GB officials on his side time & time again, if this happens to the young guns than they have to learn.
Posts: 946
Not sure I'd agree with that since I think it's broader then that. Ferrari and Mercedes drivers seem to get away with a lot more compared to the other teams. Racing incident they call it when an in they are involved.
SE calle.itw 24 Nov 2018 09:310
Posts: 5618
And Red Bull's drivers too. Its really a 2 tier series, with the top 3 teams getting special treatment.

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