Wolff: F1 was wrong to go softer with tyres

Published on 20 Nov 2018 11:36

Mercedes Formula 1 boss Toto Wolff believes that Pirelli should be briefed to produce a tyre that will allow drivers to race more closely, and thinks that the sport was wrong to ask them to go in the 'softer' direction.

Pirelli has produced softer tyres over the last number of years, with the ultra soft and hyper soft compound being introduced. However, most of the races have resulted in one-stop strategies due to teams and drivers being able to preserve the tyres for long distance.

In Brazil, drivers met with officials to discuss the high tyre management that occurred in Russia and Mexico: "I think Pirelli had a good meeting with the drivers,” said Wolff. “We have expressed our support for Pirelli because we know that it is a difficult task to manage.

“But I think in the past years we have simply asked the wrong things from Pirelli by making the compounds softer and softer, trying to trigger degradation and therefore more pit stops. The clever strategists have [realised] the fastest race time is about managing those tyres and still try to achieve a one-stop, or a two-stop sometimes. So completely the wrong direction.”

Wolff stated that Pirelli should be told to produce 'robust' tyres that allow the drivers to push hard and fight closely: “We need robust tyres, which Pirelli is perfectly able to produce,” he said. “They just need to be given the right tasks or the right objectives.

“And then the drivers can push the tyre harder, they can stay in the wake of the car driving in front and we are not seeing blistering or deg that causes these seven seconds [pace reductions].”

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They were wrong to spec tires at all. Multiple manufacturers supplying their best should be the goal.
GB oldbiker100 20 Nov 2018 17:000
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Name me a major series that supports multiple tyre manufacturers. Why would you spend millions to come second? Now, if you has say three or more suppliers and teams could pick the tyres they wanted after practice, then you would have guaranteed unpredictability.Ain't gonna happen.
SE calle.itw 20 Nov 2018 17:31+1
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Its kinda midsize, but Super GT has multiple tyre suppliers with good results. And F1 used to be able to have that until Michelin bollocksed up.
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Just a slick that lasts a race, can be pushed and pushed and see who can actually race an F1 car, no more stupid undertaking on pits stops, algorithm computers to decide the best millisecond strategy just real racing between drivers and so the drivers have to know when the tyres are hot, cold, whatever! Drop the radios even, let’s get racing, one guy in a car against the rest. You know, like 95% of all other motorsport, this is the core of what F1 has lost. And yet it can still be the fastest, just bring back the basics.
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