Vettel spending more time with Red Bull - Coulthard

Published on 23 Oct 2018 10:06

Sebastian Vettel has spent more time with what David Coulthard has labelled his "comfort blanket" of his old colleagues at Red Bull, in the time that his title hopes have all but disappeared. The Scot also suggested that Vettel has become unhappy with life at the Scuderia.

Over the course of the season, Vettel has seen his hopes of a fifth world title disappear due to a few costly mistakes, coupled with some stellar drives from his rival Hamilton. He is on a five-race winless streak, with his best result being third in Russia and Singapore.

Starting from fifth on the grid in the US, he should have been in contention for a podium, if not a race win, but thanks to a first lap incident with Ricciardo, Vettel dropped to 14th and had to carry out yet another recovery drive, something which he said after the race he is "tired" of having to do.

Coulthard believes that the problems that Vettel is facing are not only caused by the the pressure of the world championship, but from deeper concerns that he has with his team. 

He told Channel 4: "He's a four time world champion, he's made two mistakes in two corners, one mistake you can say you're finding where the car is. He says he's tired - when you're tired you go for your comfort blanket. I've seen him around Red Bull more often in the last few races than at any other time that he's been at Ferrari.

"So he's not knuckling down with his comfort blanket at Ferrari. To me it looks like he's not only tired of the recovery drives, he's just not as happy within the team as he was at Red Bull."


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This is a interesting story, imagine Vettel going back to Redbull. I can't really say that I think this is going to happen but I have seen stranger things (like Alonso signing for mcLaren the 2nd time)

Anyway it looks like the support for Vettel is dwindling within Ferrari.
SE calle.itw 23 Oct 2018 16:210
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Its possible, Vettel is still Vettel, and Im sure RB wouldnt mind having him back. But would it really be beneficial for Vettel to rejoin RB?
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I don't think so for 2019, however for 2020 it might be. If he can see that the Honda PU is putting Redbull in an WC winning position.

Still I think that Hamilton might end up in Ferrari and Vettel might go to Mercedes.
US ajpennypacker 23 Oct 2018 21:120
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There is no way Red Bull will pay anywhere near the salary Sebastian has a Ferrari. Just for that reason alone I am certain this will not happen. The Alonso move was interesting because of the relationship, but (at the time) there was no doubt McLaren could afford and be willing to get an established top driver.
NL KyalamiKid 23 Oct 2018 21:440
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Hamilton at Ferrari I can see happening - only Fangio has won world titles with 3 different teams as far as I know... that'll be a nice target for him. But I dont see Vettel going back to RB as long as VER is there.
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To be honest, after Riccardo totally shaded him when he arrived, why would they want him back? He's shown that once he's down, and has to fight to get back on top, he cannot do it. Even Schumi demonstrated overtaking racecraft when his cars weren't dominant.

Contrary to belief (and what certain RB di*kheads said), I think Red Bull would take a consistent fighter like Alonso and deal with the potential headaches that follow (because they know the speed will always be there) than prop up a driver that falls into depression AND loose speed!
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Alonso carries way too much baggage; his attitude towards the team and suppliers outstrips his driving capabilities. He will not be a good match for Redbull and they know it.

I can't see an issue with Vettel rejoining Redbull

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