FIA "very close" to finalising 2021 F1 engine regulations

Published on 01 Sep 2018 14:56

At the Italian Grand Prix, FIA president Jean Todt said that the F1's new engine regulations for 2021 are "very close" to being finalised. The plans for the introduction of the proposed new engine regulations were confirmed in April by F1A, F1 and the teams, but discussions regarding certain aspects, such as sporting and commercials deals are still ongoing.

On Saturday, Todt spoke about the delay of the new engine regulations for 2021, but he reassured that the final details will be confirmed in the near future. As soon as the plans were confirmed in April, several key F1 figures heavily criticised the proposed term for the new engine regulations. The most vocal opponent was Christian Horner. The Red Bull Racing team principal told the press at the time that there isn't a chance for the new regulations to be introduced before 2023.

“We wanted to announce the engine regulations by the end of July, so there has been some delay. We don’t want only to speak about the technical regulations. We also wanted to present the sporting and commercial part of the ’21 regulations, so it means that it’s not only the FIA which is concerned. It is also commercial rights holder and to be discussed with the teams." Todt said.

”But we are very close to being able to conclude this exercise. It’s just a question of date. We are a bit late, I do confess on that, but it will be soon announced and finalised.” he added. When asked about the possibility of new manufacturers to enter in Formula 1 in 2021, Todt replied: "I was always pessimistic to the fact with specific rules for Formula 1, we could have more than four manufacturers. Personally, I feel it’s really a great achievement to have four different powertrains for 10 teams.

"My priority is to make sure that we keep them four. I always said it would be very unfair to the four engaged to say OK, we want to attract a new one, so let’s change everything. So what about them? About all the investments they’ve been doing for years, and change completely the regulations because we may have one or two coming?" Todt continued.

“If we can secure those four, for me, that would be a great achievement. There was some demonstration of interest from one, who said to us ‘we are not in a situation for ’21, but what is very important for us is to know exactly what will be the regulations, because it could be a strong interest in the future.’” he concluded.


Paul Athes

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SE calle.itw 01 Sep 2018 21:090
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So close no matter how fa-r...
Posts: 313
So close to announcing that they wont change much at all for 2021. I mean, he pretty much already announced it here. Nobody wants to come in for 2021, so it makes no sense to change anything.
SE calle.itw 02 Sep 2018 08:250
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I just love the raw amount of times he said "4 is good, we are proud to have 4, 4 is a nice number dont you think? The dragon needs 4 heads BHURT! 4!!!", which is basically corporate speech for "We failed to bring in more suppliers, so be happy with what you get".

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