Hartley says F1 setting bad example with track limits

Published on 14 Aug 2018 10:35

Brendon Hartley believes that Formula 1 is setting a bad example when it comes to track limits. Cars are often seen venturing off the circuit in search of the fastest lap time and the FIA has been criticised in recent years over their judgement and officiating on track limits.

Hartley said that he saw photos of himself and his fellow competitors at Hockenheim, where they had all four wheels off the circuit. The Kiwi admits that he is not a fan of the inconsistent ruling, and would like to see stricter and tougher track limit rules enforced.

"I saw many photos of myself and the rest of the field with four wheels over the white line [in Hockenheim] which was a very common racing line for us," he said. I think it probably doesn’t set a good picture for the rest of the motorsport world.

"Obviously in this case I think it was accepted they were the track limit, from that kerb, which was a hard limit. But by the letter of the law I think we were all four wheels over the white line so part of me would say I would prefer that we couldn’t do that.

"In Austria there’s another argument that the cars were being pretty damaged [by the kerbs]. I think Astroturf also works very well because you lose a lot of grip but you don’t damage the car. I’m actually quite a fan of the Astroturf," the 28-year-old added.

Hartley has had a tough maiden season in Formula 1, scoring just two points in the opening half of the year. The future of the former World Endurance Championship driver is uncertain, amid rumours that he could get the axe at Toro Rosso.


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