FIA to keep checking Ferrari legality in Canada

Published on 28 May 2018 10:04

A legality saga involving Ferrari's 2018 car looks set to run and run.

After monitoring hardware and software was installed following a round of speculation about the car's turbo and battery systems, the FIA gave Ferrari a clean bill of health in Monaco.

But race director Charlie Whiting said more monitoring in Canada may now be necessary.

"I'm not saying we'll definitely do it, because I assume we will come to the same conclusion," he said.

"But Ferrari will make changes to the software in Canada. I'm not an expert, but we're trying to understand the difference of the two parts of the battery.

"There is one battery, but the system perceives it as two," Whiting adding. "I don't think I'm giving anything away."

He said Ferrari is not necessarily 'under investigation', explaining that Ferrari is simply using a battery system that is "completely different" to its rivals.

"Before Canada, we will have more advanced systems that will allow us to get results much faster. We've been dealing with this issue for two race weekends now.

"I have to say Ferrari provided us with everything that we needed," Whiting added.

It is believed the 'tip' about Ferrari's questionable system came from Lorenzo Sassi, an engineer who recently switched from Maranello to Mercedes.

Mercedes boss Toto Wolff would not confirm that.

"One of my duties as team boss is to protect my employees," he said.

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seems to me this would prohibit mb from using the technology. perhaps the system charges the half most depleted or least depleted to allow greater act of power used or it they have different discharge rates
GB LightIsRight 28 May 2018 13:510
Posts: 92
Or they have looked at the charging and discharging efficiencies and keep the two halves in their peak efficiency bands instead of over and under charging/discharging the whole unit. Wish all these secrets would be revealed once they are obsolete, would be so interesting to see what they come up with.
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Agree. So interesting f1 tech wonder which Ferrari employee came from Mercedes to get them the insight on burning engine oil to protect in lean condition
SE calle.itw 28 May 2018 13:500
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If they arent necessarily under investigation, then Im not necessarily eating cake as I write this comment... If you look something up, you are investigating it. Doesnt have to be an inquisition, but an investigation is an investigation.
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For me this is all too public. Things like aero ideas mostly will get seen/copied sooner or later (double diffuser). But for what’s under the covers, if Ferrari have developed a new battery charge/boost system and it hasn’t broken the rules it’s up to others to figure it out. I hope the FIA keep close council on their findings. Nobody seems to know how MB find their extra horsepower but we don’t see a witch hunt.

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