Alonso unhappy with McLaren pace

Published on 15 Apr 2018 13:38

Although he finished seventh the Chinese Grand Prix and scored some crucial points for McLaren, Fernando Alonso was not happy with the pace showed by the Woking based team during the Chinese Grand Prix weekend. After making comments on Saturday, Alonso spoke up once again about the situation of the British team after the race.

The Spaniard had another lacklustre qualifying session yesterday, when he managed to finish only 13th. In the race, the situation was better and he once again finished seventh as he did last week in Bahrain. Alonso managed so far to score points in each of the three races of the 2018 season and now sits sixth in driver's standings.

However, Alonso was not satisfied with the pace his car had during the Chinese Grand Prix and urged his team to find some extra speed for the following round, the Azerbaijan Grand Prix, which will be held at the end of the month.

"Still some pace to find as we were not quick enough again in the race, but at the same time it’s a great result,” said Alonso.“I think P7 after starting P13 is great points for the team again so a well executed race. We need to find more pace for the next one.” he added.

Qualifying performances were hindered by a lack of straight line speed throughout the first three races as Alonso never managed to get into Q3. The drag problems which hinders McLaren's qualifying performances is less of an issue during the races with Alonso managing to fight for the lower points paying positions against the likes of Haas and Renault.

“We more or less took benefit from all of the battles so it was a great result for Sunday but we cannot forget that the pace was not there all weekend. So we need to keep improving.” Alonso commented about the situation. He also made several comments regarding the pass he made on Sebastian Vettel during the later stages of the Chinese Grand Prix.

“I was surprised when I saw a Ferrari going not too fast at the end. I asked what was the problem. Apparently, he had damage on his car so he was struggling a little bit on the corners." Alonso said. “We caught him and we saw the door open in one corner, we went for it and made the pass.” he concluded.


Paul Athes

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Another awesome drive from Alonso in a not good enough car. If RB keep up today’s for then no doubt McL will not keep up with them but a pretty good start across the 3 different track formats. Likely a good tussle through the season with Renault I think and the rest will “pick up the pieces”.
US mcbhargav 16 Apr 2018 03:040
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great drive from Alonso. What he would have done in that other redbull car?
Posts: 246
He would have won the race imo, what a class act driver he is, ruthless and no amateur mistakes, he worth his wages, has been for ages and he might be on his way end this season for a final stab at the championship - Daniel moves on that would be an epic fit for him. Equally, of Lewis moves too Mercedes would surely snap him up.
US renaultFanF1 16 Apr 2018 10:390
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Here we go again... nothing constructive, just complaining and complaining
US mcbhargav 16 Apr 2018 19:200
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The man clearly has issues.
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I hope he never leaves F1 or McLaren. I can't wait until 2038 where he drives a Lada powered McLaren and is cautiously optimistic because Zak Brown told him that was just what McLaren needed to succeed, having the best chassis and all...
SE calle.itw 16 Apr 2018 13:390
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I mean, he did a good job, and McLaren did better than expected, but he owe Verstappen for the Vettel overtake.
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That's all he can do with that car though; capitalize on the misfortune of others. To his credit he's done that better than anyone else so far.

The car doesn't seem to be much better than it was last year.
SE calle.itw 16 Apr 2018 23:070
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Very much so. I think the car is better than ladt year's car, both in terms of power and aero, but McLaren is still a one trick pony. Their high aero and lack of adaptability will cost them in the long run.
US Rindtchamp 16 Apr 2018 15:540
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Alonso is really driving well but I think this is going to be his last season in F1 sadly, I just don't see McLaren improving even with Renault engines. Huge shame, I'd love to see him in a top car again. I think its a disgrace that Fernando will end up with two titles and Seb/Lewis will have 4,5,6. :(
US ajpennypacker 16 Apr 2018 17:130
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I hope you're wrong. It really would be a disgrace if Fernando doesn't at least get to challenge, or even fight for wins. That being said, I think he's driving as well as ever. Definitely better than in the years he won the championship. I could see him going at high level still, but as you said, Mclaren has to keep improving and it's hard to expect them to deliver.

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