Sirotkin's father: "Sergey stronger than Kubica"

Published on 18 Jan 2018 08:38

Sergey Sirotkin's father says the young Russian secured the Williams seat because he was "stronger" than Robert Kubica. Many Williams, F1 and Kubica fans are disappointed and angry that the British team signed the heavily backed Sirotkin over Pole Kubica, whose F1 career was halted seven years ago due to injury.

But Sirotkin's father Oleg told Tass news agency: "Sergey proved to be stronger than Kubica in testing, both in qualifying and racing mode. Sergey was also tested on the simulator where he demonstrated very good knowledge. He gives feedback above the level of other young drivers before him," Sirotkin snr added.

Williams finished fifth overall last year, but some question whether 2018 drivers Lance Stroll and Sirotkin - with a combined age of 41 - can do equally well. Sirotkin's father Oleg continued: "The task is to keep the team's fifth position, because the situation is now more complicated."

"McLaren is going to Renault engines and they have always produced one of the best chassis. Renault has been preparing its car for this season for about two years, so they will also be faster, so the competitors will be Force India, Renault and McLaren," he said. "I think Williams has good potential for growth," said Sirotkin snr. "Yes, they have young drivers now, but in a year or two they will be even stronger." (GMM)

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Maybe, maybe, but what about rumors that he was slower than Kubica by 0,5 s during Renault test? These rumors seems to be at least partially true, as he even wasn't fast enough to replace Palmer during 2017. Anyway I wish best for them both. I saw one interview with Sergiej and he looks like humble, reasonable and mature person. For sure he doesn't deserve all these Kubica's fans hate he's going to receive.
SE calle.itw 18 Jan 2018 09:310
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Those are currently just that, rumors. I've heard rumors of the opposite, that Sirotkin and that Scotsman was hands down faster than Kubica. For now, we have to see how he deliver in the car. IMO, he deserved the chance just as much as anyone else, so Im happy he got a seat.
BE krommenaas 18 Jan 2018 10:34+1
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Rumors are 100% worthless.
Maybe he was fast enough to replace Palmer but Renault were holding out for Sainz.
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Yes, heard the opposite was true in fact yours is the first statement I’ve seen which says Kubica was faster. Even the Polish press conceded he was slower.. Still, it will soon be time when the BS stops.
NL mclarenfan1968 18 Jan 2018 12:06+1
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A father thinks his son is the best, shocka! Definitely no bias there.
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Stroll's father says the same about his kid too.
SE calle.itw 19 Jan 2018 17:050
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Stroll's dad has seen him succeed in other series. He has no legit reason to doubt him, yet.
US mcbhargav 18 Jan 2018 16:170
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My Father might say, I am better than Kubica!
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My said said I was crap at everything 🙁

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