F1 could add digital display to Halo

Published on 11 Jan 2018 09:50

Formula 1's bosses are mulling over the prospect of adding a digital ticker to the Halo when it comes into play later this year. The controversial head protection device has caused a stir with many fans, who claim it disrupts the visual aspect of the cars.

However, the FIA decided to go ahead and implement the device, as it was deemed to be the strongest and only method that's currently ready. In practice, teams have run with a standard black Halo, testing its effects and allowing the drivers to get used to it.

Teams will be allowed to slightly modify the Halo, and they will be painted to blend in with the livery of the cars. Now, McLaren executive director Zak Brown revealed that discussions are ongoing concerning digital information on the Halo.

"Formula 1 has been talking about doing some sort of digital on it, so I think we'll make the most of it," he said. "Possibly some sort of almost like ticker running, like you see at the stock exchange. Some kind of messaging – that sort of thing.

"There are some rules around what you can and can't do with the Halo - the inside can't be painted because they don't want the drivers to be distracted. Like all things, it will develop over time, so what the Halo looks like today will be different in five years.

"Hopefully it will become a more integrated part, right now it looks a bit bolted onto the car. If over time it can be a little bit more integrated into the car, visibly nicer. It compromises around the driver, but equally it creates more commercial opportunity on the halo itself. So net, it's not a win or a loss."


Fergal Walsh

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PL juju_hound 11 Jan 2018 10:090
Posts: 178
Safety is very important. I don't know if this would help Bianchi or Senna but for sure would help young Surtees. They need to give drivers not only fastest cars they can build but also safest cars then are able to create.
Posts: 140
Bianchi, no. Senna yes.

But Senna's death should be prevented by safety tethers which have been there since 1998 and hans. But of course sometimes wheels still come lose.
DK BENNY DONKER 11 Jan 2018 17:160
Posts: 1976
"So net, it's not a win or a loss."

No, it's just a shame...
Posts: 339
And for night time races they can have twinkly lights like a Christmas tree. Sticking plaster while gangrene sets in underneath. For heavens sake this gets more bizarre by the week. How about LED’s in the tyres that blink when the cars bounce the kerbs like in kiddies shoes.
Chop the aero, get some decent amount of rubber on the track and have some fun between the drivers who really can control grip with technique not winge that “the aero doesn’t switch on coming out of the corners”, “ I can’t get close enough to overtake”, “he just changed direction”.
US mcbhargav 11 Jan 2018 22:000
Posts: 794
and then, a joystick instead of driving wheel, with deflection shields during overtakes.
Posts: 571
So two inch high letters passing the viewer at 150 miles an hour. Makes Bernies idea of watering the track seem almost sane.
Posts: 625
I think Bernie’s idea was spot on! They should have installed it at every track..
Posts: 625
I think they’re missing a a trick. It’s the perfect device to send your team mate (in front) a message. “I’m faster than you”.
US ajpennypacker 13 Jan 2018 01:120
Posts: 1507
I hate the halo so much

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