Carlos Sainz can race for Red Bull in 2019

Published on 21 Sep 2017 14:26

Carlos Sainz could wind up at Red Bull's senior F1 team in 2019. It is already known that the Spaniard will move from the energy drink company's junior team, Toro Rosso, to the works Renault outfit next year.

But he is merely 'on loan' to Renault. "What I know is that I will be at Renault next year," the 23-year-old confirmed. Red Bull team boss Christian Horner said: "Carlos gets to further his career at Renault while also remaining part of the Red Bull family." And Renault chief Cyril Abiteboul added: "The fact that Red Bull were only prepared to let him go as a loan says something about Carlos' pace."

But the Spanish newspaper Marca reports that any return to the 'Red Bull family' for Sainz precludes the option of him being pulled back to Toro Rosso. The report said that if Sainz does leave Renault at the end of next year, it will be to replace either Daniel Ricciardo or Max Verstappen at the main team. Marca added: "Red Bull can only exercise this option by the end of 2018. Otherwise, Sainz will lose his link with the energy drink company for the future." (GMM)

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2019 Ricciardo naar Renault, Sainz bij RB en Max in een Merc.

"Dit is mijn uitspraak en daar zult u het mee moeten doen."
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Wait a minute...this is not the dutch site:( Welcome wortheless pun. (reference to dutch peoples court tvshow:P

Anyway my chrystal ball says 2019 Ricciardo to Renault, Sainz in a RB, Verstappen in a Merc and Bottas to Ferrari
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Bottas to Ferrari- no chance. they have a raft of highly rated younger drivers to bring through!
SE calle.itw 21 Sep 2017 16:120
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Yeah, I can see Verstappen going to Merc in 2019, he has a prior connection to that team. As long as Vettel is at Ferrari I don't think they'll sign Ricciardo or Verstappen, and probably not Leclerc because they will likely be too much of a threat to Vettel, so Bottas is a likely choice. And if Renault produces a competetive package and if RBR gets Honda engines in 2019, I could see Ricciardo going to Renault, and Sainz will be left picking up the scraps and going to RBR.
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Govori srpski da te ceo svet razume. :)
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My chrystal balls say Sainz stay with Renault, Verstappen in a Red Bull Honda and Ricciardo either in a Red Bull Honda or at Ferrari.
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Haha very good Calle, however MY crystal ball predicts that Sainz will replace BOTH RB drivers in 2019 at one swoop solving both budget problems and extra expenses incurred by torpedoing rivals.
GB F1racefan97 21 Sep 2017 23:270
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Sainz replacing ricciardo 2019 if Danny leaves! Verstappen has no way out til 2020 and Red Bull know that
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How are you sure about that? Vettel got out of his redbull contract. Looks like merc are waiting for him.
BE krommenaas 22 Sep 2017 09:520
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Boudy: After Vettel had a terrible year with them in which Ricciardo outshone him. Unless Max does the same next year, which I doubt, Red Bull won't let him go. And if he does have a terrible year, Mercedes will prefer Ricciardo anyway. So either way Max will be driving a Red Bull Honda in 2019 :)
SE calle.itw 22 Sep 2017 15:240
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Krommenaas, you might remember that Vettel had the bulk of the technical problems that year, and Ricciardo were mostly able to outshine him by luck. I wont play down Ricciardo's skills, but I will personally not count that year, just as I wont count the times Max has retired this year when comparing Ves and Ric. Its not fair.

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