Petrov warns Kvyat over F1 seat

Published on 09 Aug 2017 13:40

Former Grand Prix driver Vitaly Petrov has shot a warning at compatriot Daniil Kvyat, claiming that nobody can be sure about their seat in Formula 1 anymore. Kvyat has been vocal in recent weeks regarding his future, urging Red Bull to quickly make a decision over him.

Red Bull team principal Christian Horner has spoken out about Toro Rosso's potential lineup for 2018, claiming that there is no need to change anything. Carlos Sainz has had his contract extension taken up, however he is available to a team who is willing to pay money for his services.

Less certain is the future of Kvyat, and Petrov believes that he must be careful with how he deals with the situation: "As a F1 driver, no one is immune from the risk of being replaced at any moment," the former Renault driver told the Russian broadcaster Match TV.

"So even if Christian Horner is saying they want to extend the contract, he (Kvyat) cannot be complacent. I remember driving for Renault and Nick Heidfeld was very strong, and yet the team changed during the season to Bruno Senna. So I think Daniil needs to have a good rest now, reboot and get ready for the second part of the championship. If there are similar accidents as we saw in the first half, then everything can end badly for him," Petrov warned.


Fergal Walsh

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