Engineer backs Kubica after Hungary test

Published on 09 Aug 2017 12:21

Ricardo Penteado, a leading Renault engineer believes that Robert Kubica showed enough strength and speed at the in-season test in Hungary last week to make a full-time return. Kubica took part in an official F1 test for the first time in six years, taking out the Renault RS17.

The Pole completed 142 laps without showing any sign of wear or fatigue and even stated immediately after the test that he would happily complete another 142 laps the next day. Kubica has suddenly and unexpectedly thrown himself in the frame for a 2018 racing seat.

"You can forget that question - he has no problem to drive the hybrid cars," Penteado told Brazil's Globo. "The most important thing is that Kubica did not have fuel for just one lap. The other thing that stands out is the number of laps he did - the equivalent of two races. It was 40 degrees and Robert did not get out of the car complaining of exhaustion."

Penteado added that Kubica was able to drive the Renault with only minimal changes to the layout of the steering wheel: "He had no difficulty."We asked for a lot of changes from him via the steering wheel, and he did everything within the normal time."


Fergal Walsh

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US Rindtchamp 09 Aug 2017 16:480
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Kubica in, Palmer out please!

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