No more risky starts says Bottas

Published on 16 Jul 2017 16:22

Valtteri Bottas has said he will not attempt any more risky starts in the same vein as his start at the Austrian Grand Prix.

In Austria Bottas made a lightning start, looking like he may have anticipated when the lights were going to go out, which is not allowed under the regulations. It was so good that Sebastian Vettel and Daniel Ricciardo claimed that he had in fact jumped the start, but was eventually cleared by the race stewards.

Ahead of today’s British Grand Prix, Bottas was in a lowly ninth on the grid and was in need of a good start to maintain his championship ambitions. He was asked whether he would attempt to make a similar start to his one in Austria, and responded definitively negative.

He responded with: "No. I will not do that anymore. I want to do a good start but I will not gamble."

In the end he did make a good start to the Grand Prix, climbing to seventh on the first lap, which helped him to a second place finish by the end of the Grand Prix



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Great drive today !

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