Hamilton: "British GP the most important of the year"

Published on 30 Jun 2017 12:16

Lewis Hamilton says that it would be unacceptable if the British Grand Prix dropped off the calendar, as it is, in his opinion, the most important race of the season. The future of the event at Silverstone is in serious doubt with the British Racing Drivers’ Club (BRDC) and the race organisers contemplating a break out clause.

Rising costs have made the Grand Prix increasingly difficult to host in the last number of years. Despite the deal not expiring until 2026, there is an option to break it off after 2019. Hamilton says that it is important the home of motorsport stays on the calendar.

"It’s the most important race of the year," Hamilton said. "In terms of what the points represent it’s the same as every race, but just being in the beautiful countryside, and the support you get from the British fans, it’s an amazing event that people love to come to.

"It’s that important part of the British racing heritage and it’s the place where we really get to showcase it. The UK is the home of motorsport and we’ve got such great and incredible heritage."

In January, Liberty Media took over the sport and ousted Bernie Ecclestone, giving hope to all those who feared it will drop away from the calendar. Ecclestone has since admitted that he could have charged races much less to host an event. Sean Bratches of Liberty Media claimed at the recent Canadian Grand Prix that talks with both the BRDC and Silverstone are on-going.


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GB f1fan0101 30 Jun 2017 12:45+1
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There are better tracks
SE calle.itw 30 Jun 2017 17:240
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Yes, better tracks and far more interesting GPs, generally speaking. But the British GP is certainly in my top 10.
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Hamilton says 1 week before Monaco it´s the most important. 1 week before Silverstone the same about Silverstone. 1 week before Spa and Singapore the same..

so to be honest i couldn´t care less what he´s saying in that sense..

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