Todt: "Toro Rosso can retain fifth"

Published on 16 Jun 2017 21:45

Toro Rosso boss Franz Tost has said that the Italian team is capable of keeping its current fifth place in the Constructors' Championship, despite the highly competitive nature of the 2017 midfield. So far, the team is only trailing Mercedes, Ferrari, Red Bull and Force India in the standings, having beaten its direct rivals Williams, Renault and Haas F1.

Speaking to GP Gazette, Tost said: "We're now in fifth place in the championship, and very close with the others as well. That means after each race it could change. But at least we have scored the points. I think we have a package which is quite competitive from the car side, and also from the engine side. The drivers are doing a good job, and also the team has made steps forward."

Tost may be confident about Toro Rosso's prospects in fifth, but he evidently does not expect it to rise any higher, seeing Force India as being too far ahead for the Faenza squad to reel in. Of his very impressive rivals, he added: "Force India has scored many, many points, especially in Barcelona. They have a very strong package, I must say with Mercedes, they are very strong on the car side. They also made quite good steps forward.

"I do not want to become high-headed. I think the fifth place is realistic, and I'll be more than happy at the end of the year when we score the fifth place. Then I'll invite you for a dinner with a party!"


Mason Hawker

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SE calle.itw 16 Jun 2017 22:130
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They can, but it'll be tough. If Williams get on a roll they probably have the stronger package. Haas also has a strong package, in fact the only thing I think hinder them is their lack of reliability and constant brake issues. If Mercedes were to launch a decent upgrade, Williams could very well steamroll right past them. And Force India is so consistent that if they get a decent oompf in power or aero now, they could very well challenge Red Bull as it stands today (a tall order, but it'd be very interesting to see).
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So who would be their main competitors: Haas, Williams, RENAULT.

Haas: Agree with CALLE.ITW, some small points Groesjean seems to be to negative and KMAG seems to be an OK driver. Both drivers seem to be evenly matched, however neither are impresive. Torro Rosso should beat them. Team is neither on UP or DOWN turn.

Willams: Better car, worse drivers than Williams. Stroll is out of his depth; his money might allow him to stay this season; but next year also? They really need to change their driver lineup. Torro Rosso might struggle with Massa, but not with Stroll; Torro Rosso to beat them. Team is on DOWN turn

RENAULT: Hulkenberg seems to get better in their car, Renault already applying pressure on Jol. This team is on the UP. Might give TR a run.

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