Massa feels Alonso should leave F1 if he's not enjoying himself

Published on 16 Jun 2017 12:07

Felipe Massa believes that Fernando Alonso should leave Formula 1 if he feels he his no longer enjoying it. Alonso has openly criticised the McLaren-Honda package this year and has said that he will leave the team if they are not winning by September.

The Honda power unit has been slow and unreliable throughout the season, meaning that McLaren currently lies bottom of the constructor standings with no points. Massa sais that if he is not enjoying himself, he should leave.

"Fernando is complaining about F1 because he does not have a good car," he told Spain's El Confidencial. "F1 is the same now as it was in the 80s. Now with Liberty Media, we are going in the right direction to attract people.

"With the cars we still do not make a difference because the gaps between Mercedes and Ferrari and the rest is too great. Small teams should be given more opportunity, but until another Concorde Agreement is signed in 2020 it will be impossible.

"But I think if you're not having a good time, it's best to leave. He does not seem to be enjoying much right now, so maybe he will. Maybe he will go to another team or take on other challenges outside of formula one," Massa added. "It's something we don't know."

There has also been rumours that Alonso is set to switch from Formula 1 to Indycar for next season. The Spaniard got his first taste of Indycar in May when he competed in the famous Indy 500.

"The atmosphere there (in Indycar) is more relaxed, everyone is happier," he said. "In Formula 1, everyone is looking for some controversy with what you say. Or thinking about the future rather than the weekends, because you already know who will be the top 15 in qualifying and the race."


Fergal Walsh

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Quite frankly Alonso is 100x more entertaining and thrilling on the track than Massa is. Maybe he should take his own advice and re-retire rather than taking up a decent seat and plodding around the tracks.

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