Preparation for Monaco "different" says Verstappen

Published on 19 May 2017 14:06

Max Verstappen has said that there is absolutely no time to rest while lapping around Monaco, stating that every lap the driver is at high risk of crashing into the ever lingering barriers.

Formula 1's jewel in the calendar returns next week, and Verstappen is excited to race once again around the streets he calls home, like many other of his fellow racing drivers. 

Despite 2017 marking the third year that the Dutchman has raced around Monaco, he is yet to see the chequered flag after crashing out of his first two races there.

"There is no such thing as a low-risk lap in Monaco, it doesn’t exist if you want to be fast because you have to be on the limit," said the 19-year-old. "Last year’s crash was very unfortunate but it doesn’t affect my confidence heading back there, it just makes me want to do better this year and learn from my mistakes."

Verstappen says that drivers prepare differently for the Monaco weekend, building confidence around the track much more slowly as any sort of mistake will be costly.

"We still have a lot to learn from the car in terms of setup as it is always developing and we haven’t driven it on a tight street circuit yet. Preparation for Monaco is a little different, you definitely build up a little bit slower throughout the weekend and pace yourself. It’s important to find the limit carefully. With the new cars, I think the chicane around the swimming pool will be the most challenging corner this year."

Verstappen has been living in Monaco for the best part of a year now and says that he enjoys it all:  "I have been living in Monaco for just over a year now and really enjoyed every minute of it.

"I have a good crew of friends which means we always have plenty of fun. It is also nice being able to train in the Mediterranean sun, and experience the nightlife... in the off season."


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