Vettel wants to keep putting pressure on Hamilton

Published on 21 Apr 2017 10:55

Sebastian Vettel thinks Ferrari will continue to impress next weekend in Russia. One analysis early in 2017 might be that while the German is now leading the world championship, his red car might actually be best suited to hotter venues like Melbourne and Bahrain.

But ahead of the next calendar stop in Russia, La Gazzetta dello Sport quotes Vettel as saying: "I do not think we will have problems in Sochi due to there being lower temperatures than in Bahrain. In China it was cool and we were competitive," he insisted.

"Our task is to keep putting pressure on our opponents, primarily Lewis Hamilton. Until now, Ferrari has had perfect tactics but we need to keep concentrating fully on the job." (GMM)

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Let´s hope we´ll see clean fights ON track not off track via media..

And let´s also hope bottas and raikkonen deliver soon. I´m hoping those two will deliver soon and maybe after spain Red Bull is also on top. It´s gonna be interesting to see a Ricciardo and a Verstappen on top as well..
NL mclarenfan1968 22 Apr 2017 13:440
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Vettel has already gotten under the skin of a lot of people at merc, their drivers included. The filth that is ITV F1 and its crew of morons are at pains now at every race on how to spin their golden boy's losses against Vettel's supreme skill. The spin masters are running out of steam and the merc has long realized without that 1 sec per lap advantage they enjoyed the last two years their substandard drivers can't even a hold a candle to class drivers like Vettel.

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