Sainz itching to drive 2017 car

Published on 17 Feb 2017 15:55

Carlos Sainz is itching at the chance to step back into a Formula 1 car after a long winter break. The Spaniard also says that he is excited by the recent simulator figures for the STR12.

With a radical change in downforce levels being introduced in 2017, teams have the opportunity to advance on their rivals. Sainz is encouraged by what he has so far seen, as he heads into his third season of F1.

"For us, every year driving the car is an incredible pleasure: the seat, the pedals, the feeling from the brake, the steering wheel. Every car has its tricks and you want to see how it is going to behave,” Sainz said to Marca. “Then yes, you get into your bubble and start to try things.

“The cars are getting better, but in particular, this year F1 will take a giant step forward in terms of performance: much larger tyres, much higher levels of downforce. When I get into the car I'll have a bit more of an itch because I know that the car is going to run much faster.”


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