Pirelli choose Ferrari for wet tyre testing

Published on 03 Feb 2017 17:01

Pirelli have teamed up with Ferrari to test the wet tyres before the 2017 season. The test, which will be carried out over two days takes place next week at the Fiorano circuit, on the 9th and 10th of February.

The Italian tyre manufacturer has a maximum of 25 days in which they can use as test days to gather data for the new, wider tyres.  Ferrari's 2015-modified mule car will test for them this time

Pirelli had been negotiating with Mercedes, Red Bull and Ferrari to be able to use one of their mule cars to do the testing. They have also confirmed that they will look to use mule cars of the other two mentioned teams to conduct tests in the future.

Pirelli want to improve the warming up procedure of wet tyres for 2017 as in the case of a safety car start, the cars will take their places on the grid after the safety car peels off.


Fergal Walsh

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