Ferrari considering buying into F1 - Marchionne

Published on 03 Feb 2017 10:31

Ferrari could be the first team to take up Liberty Media's offer and take shares in the sport. The new F1 owners announced last month that they would allow teams to buy into the commercial rights of the sport. 

The shares would amount to 20% but no teams have as yet took up on the offer as it would not grant them access and privilege to vote. However Ferrari president Sergio Marchionne has said that Ferrari are "considering the opportunity to take shares."

"We will discuss it with the new owners," he said. "It is not a financial issue. It would be unwise to invest without having clarity about what will happen after 2020 and what Ferrari could get from its investment in Formula One.

"Once we have this clarity, I think it will be much easier to decide if we want to participate in this venture. I expect that the sport in general will do better, because Liberty and Chase Carey know the entertainment world and know very well how to make F1 even more popular. The Scuderia will do its part in this."


Fergal Walsh

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