Nico Rosberg accepts Mercedes ambassador role

Published on 17 Jan 2017 12:59

Nico Rosberg will become an ambassador for Mercedes in 2017 after he retired from racing at the end of 2016.

Five days after winning the world championship, the German shocked the Formula One community by announcing he was stepping down as a racer in F1. Yesterday, the long-awaited announcement on who would replace him was made, in the form of Valtteri Bottas.

Rosberg will therefore accept an ambassadorial role at the team where he won his world title.


Fergal Walsh

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He shouldn't be given any role within the team, he is a traitor, and a coward, leaving after his title, like a little boy.
He knew he stood no chance against a vengefull Hamilton.
Lewis' misfortune handed him a title that actually does not belong to him. That's why he left
NL mclarenfan1968 17 Jan 2017 15:54+1
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Except maybe Nico is wiser, wants to live life instead of chasing career goals and knows he has got nothing to prove anymore having beaten a guy who can win in a car a dozen others in F1 can also do with that fast car.
DE Wolfgang 18 Jan 2017 12:31+1
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complete childish rubbish. Seems like you have no clue of what was and what is going on in F1.

-> Do you think then Hamilton was given the title in 2014 after Singapore and Abu Dhabi and Nicos misfortuneS?

-> Do you think then Nico was guilty for Hamiltons bad starts in 2016 (Monza, Suzuka etc. just to call some of them)

-> Do you think Nico was guilty for Hamiltons qualifying crash in Baku?

-> Do you really think Austria was Nicos fault? This was completely on purpose by hamilton, cause he knew he´d chip off Nicos front wing by turning in in that moment. You surely won´t be that silly believing what Hamilton said with "Nico being in his blind spot"

-> Do you really think Hamilton won Monaco because of his own and not of the strategy error from red bull?

-> Do you really think Hamilton won Canada because of his own and not of ferraris strategy error?

-> Do you think Lewis destroyed his team room in azerbaijan because of the pure fun?

-> First + second corner in Mexico.. You know why he did that..

All in all i´ll tell you what:

Lewis was surprised how Nico upped his game this year. First corner Melbourne was just the beginning where he was surprised how "hard" Nico became at the start of his year. Lewis fell out of his "champion-cloud" and was just surprised what was going on there. His superiority was all of a sudden gone, this is why he screwed so many things up because he now felt the pressure being the reigning champion. His reliability problems are mainly due to his driving ("hammer time") after screwing up the starts, whereas Nico in front was nursing his engines home after having good starts.

Nico was just more smart and the better one of both. End of story. Deal with it.
It´s just dumb to say he became champion because of Lewis´ misfortune.

Nico let Lewis past in Monaco. Tell me just one occasion where Lewis did the same with his teammate, no matter if it´s been Nico or whoever.

Nico is a clever teamplayer who upped his game. With clever reliability management good starts (except hockenheim) he did a perfect job throughout the year. Driving smart and conservative in the last 4 races is no weakness it´s just clever. Remember 2015 where Nico won the last few races and Lewis was somewhere. And don´t tell me he didn´t wanna win his 44 race win in brazil after never winning in brazil up to that moment.

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