Ross Brawn explains why Hamilton and Schumacher can't be compared

Published on 08 Jan 2017 13:28

Ross Brawn has stated why Lewis Hamilton can't be compared to Michael Schumacher, the most successful Formula One driver of all time.

Brawn, who worked with various teams as well as his own, has put it down to different eras and the contribution they made to their respective title winning teams.

Brawn was a vital part in engineering Schumacher's success at Ferrari, where he raced for eleven seasons and claimed five titles. Brawn also got him back into F1 with a three year run at Mercedes from 2010-2012.

"He loved driving racing cars. He just adored getting his backside into a racing car at any opportunity he was given. That was a combination that was very difficult for people to beat. He's hugely self-motivated," Brawn told ESPN

"I think he alone raised the standard of fitness for racing drivers by a huge margin when he was racing, and he was a great team player. He was really motivational within the team. So you put all of those elements together and they combine to give you a seven-time world champion."

Brawn went on to speak about how Schumacher built Ferrari to make them a title winning team again.

"I think different eras in the sense that Michael generally had to build a team with Ferrari. He went through that process and Lewis has not done that. Not because he's not capable, because he's never needed to," he explained.

"He certainly contributed a lot to Mercedes but he didn't find a team at quite the same time as Michael found Ferrari in the 1990's. Michael's contribution to the Ferrari team in the late 90's and 2000's was very significant. Clearly somebody for instance, Sebastian Vettel, wants to emulate that."

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NL mclarenfan1968 08 Jan 2017 17:040
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ROFLMAO puuhleezzz!! don't make us laugh, comparison?? What comparison!? One is a proven champion the other is a whiny wannabe gansgta boy in a rocket car that a dozen random donkeys could also win in.

Must have been a British correspondent for ESPN who asked Ross this asinine question. A bit like SkyF1 who always feel the need to bend over backwards to protect or raise their fruitcake's stock.
Posts: 4
Hammie really gets under your skin doesn't he? Or is it his skin that's your problem? Almost every post I ever see from you is little more more than a personal attack on Lewis H. You act like a classic troll: someone who frequents a site in order to push their own angry message.
DE Wolfgang 09 Jan 2017 12:29+1
Posts: 312
nevertheless McLarenfan1968 is right. Hamilton acts like a child and uses every opportunity to badmouth on either the team or on his team-mate.

Hamilton is on of the quickest out there, ok, but he´s lacking the rest to be a great champion.

Same thing is with Alonso. He also started to badmouth at the team. A thing Michael Schumacher or Sebastian Vettel, or Nico Rosberg, or Mika Hakkinen or Jenson Button or Kimi Raikkonen never did.

And this is where the point team-player comes into place. Remembering 99 where Schu had broken his leg in silverstone. He afterwards helped Irvine to become champion. Mika was better but nontheless this is a point where Hamilton would have never done so.

Or do you remember Hamiltons badmouthing in 2014?
"Nico has grown up in Monaco" Nico had all the money"
I think it was after the worldcup 2014: "Nico isn´t even german"
"Nico hit me" (Spa)
"Nico came a lot closer during Virtual Safety Car"
"Nico got my mechanics and i got his old mechanics"
"Someone at Mercedes doesn´t want me to win"
"looks like a german team wants a german champion"

And now get this badmouthing into context when Hamilton destroyed his team-room in Baku in 2016 after he drove his wheel off in qualifying...

So all in all he´s lacking quite a lot for a real big champion. Being fast is in my opinion not enough.. Plus the fact he´d always been in a top team except 2013. An aspect Michael could have dreamed of, coming to ferrari in 96 and getting champion in 97... Michael would then have been a 10-time champion or something like that..

Your "racism point" concerning his colour of the skin is just ridiculous, it has nothing to do with that..
NL mclarenfan1968 09 Jan 2017 15:040
Posts: 945
@wolfgang: when the otherside pulls the race card out of nowhere you know they've lost the debate decisively B-) I didn't dignify that pointless post with a response for that very reason.
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Wolfgang: Sadly, 'Muricans just love playing the racist card. It's the first thing they think of, and the whole country is more divided than ever which tells a story...

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