Kimi Raikkonen not impressed with qualifying performance

Published on 12 Nov 2016 18:50

Kimi Raikkonen was left unimpressed with his performance in qualifying for the Brazilian Grand Prix, despite beating the Red Bulls and Ferrari team mate Sebastian Vettel to third on the grid.

The 2007 world champion was just under seven tenths of a second off pole after a last gasp lap, but he admitted the whole session was a struggle.

"I struggled the whole qualifying, in a few places, a few corners and in the middle sector," Raikkonen said. "To be honest the last lap was pretty average in my view, but obviously it was enough to be in third place. The Mercedes seems to be a bit too far."

"I struggled in the first two corners with tyre warm-up a bit and even the middle I wasn’t very happy but I don’t mind, it was good enough for this and we will see what we can do."

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SE calle.itw 12 Nov 2016 21:280
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If we exclude the Mercedes cars, this year has featured a pretty even field with battles everywhere on the grid. One can only hope that next year will be even more even.
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You can hope all you want, but it seems quite unlikely to me. Developing a new car under different rules usually starts out with very different results. Rolling the dice as it were. See who comes up trumps in this game of thrones. After the cards are on the table, the next game of catch-as-catch-can begins and the heavyweights even out a bit more, leaving the skinny ones gasping for air.
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Next year will be nothing different even they promised faster cars, but also Engine saving would be a part so, full trothle isnt there i gues..

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