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Sergey Sirotkin

Name RU Sergey Sirotkin
Team Williams
Active As Williams Driver in Formula 1
Date of birth Aug 27 1995 (23)
Weight 71 kg
Length 1.84m
Comment count 11,446 comments on Sergey Sirotkin
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Team Series Role Start End Startnumber
GB Williams Formula 1 Driver Jan 16 2018 - 35
FR Renault Formula 1 Test driver Apr 26 2016 Dec 31 2017
GB Williams Formula 1 Test driver Nov 27 2017 Dec 1 2017
FR ART Grand Prix Formula 2 Driver Jun 22 2017 Jun 26 2017 8
FR ART Grand Prix GP2 Driver Jan 15 2016 Dec 31 2016 2


Jan 11Sirotkin: F1 return a long-term target1
Jan 3Sirotkin to test with Mahindra at Marrakech1
Dec 31 2018Lowe labels Sirotkin departure 'a shame'3
Dec 24 2018Russell 'wanted a teammate like Kubica' for rookie season3
Dec 24 2018European F3: Fenestraz loses Renault backing0
Dec 21 2018Stroll credits 'wise' approach for lap one success4
Dec 19 2018Lowe: Stroll's F1 arrival came 'too early'3
Dec 18 2018Sirotkin targeting 2020 F1 return1
Dec 11 2018Kubica: Williams should have listened to the drivers4
Dec 11 2018Sirotkin gets late DTM test call-up1
Dec 3 2018Sirotkin: Second F1 season 'look quite obvious'2
Dec 1 2018Kubica's willingness for reserve role was key to full-time seat8
Nov 27 2018Stroll: I can't say I've enjoyed my 2018 season6
Nov 23 2018Sirotkin 'can't believe' swift F1 exit7
Nov 22 2018SMP Racing were 'unpleasantly surprised' by Williams' pace5
Nov 22 2018Kubica confirmed as 2019 Williams driver11
Nov 20 2018Sirotkin wants "clarity" from Williams7
Nov 13 2018Tyre selections for 2018 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix1
Nov 11 2018Hamilton withdraws 'disrespectful move' comment about Sirotkin5
Nov 11 2018Pirelli believes one-stop strategy the favourable option0
Nov 11 2018Sirotkin, Magnussen reprimanded after qualifying0
Nov 10 2018Hamilton: Sirotkin incident was 'disrespectful'5
Nov 5 2018Grosjean accepts blame for 'some' penalty points6
Nov 3 2018Russell: Williams hungry to improve in 20194
Nov 2 2018De Vries plays down investment rumours10
Oct 31 2018Kubica having conversations with Ferrari over simulator role2
Oct 30 2018Tyre selections for 2018 Brazilian Grand Prix0
Oct 26 2018Ocon's chances at Williams are 'looking grim' - Wolff8
Oct 25 2018Technical analysis: The problems of the FW41 explained1
Oct 25 2018Updated list for power unit components used2
Oct 21 2018Starting grid for the 2018 US Grand Prix0
Oct 19 2018Kubica not willing to wait on Williams decision1
Oct 19 2018Williams keen on signing Ocon for 20198
Oct 18 2018Sirotkin: COTA a 'great modern track'0
Oct 16 2018Tyre selections for the 2018 Mexican Grand Prix2
Oct 13 2018Williams: Ocon a contender for second seat5
Oct 12 2018How the 2019 grid is shaping up6
Oct 11 2018Williams' 2019 plans look 'a big step forward' - Sirotkin4
Oct 9 2018Tyre selections for 2018 US Grand Prix0
Oct 7 2018Starting grid for the 2018 Japanese Grand Prix0
Oct 6 2018Renault 'on the back foot'- Sainz0
Oct 5 2018FP2: Hamilton fastest again, Ferrari struggle to keep up0
Oct 4 2018Updated list for power unit components used0
Oct 4 2018Williams 'intensively evaluating' 2019 driver line-up4
Oct 1 2018Sainz's race compromised by lap 1 damage0
Sep 30 2018Sirotkin: Home race the most painful of the season1
Sep 30 2018Starting grid for the 2018 Russian Grand Prix0
Sep 30 2018Sirotkin "disappointed" after qualifying mistake0
Sep 28 2018Sirotkin "didn't expect" level of support in Sochi3
Sep 28 2018FP2: Hamilton fastest, Mercedes pull clear from Ferrari2
Sep 27 2018Updated list for power unit components used1
Sep 26 2018Perez hoping upgrades will unlock more potential in Sochi1
Sep 25 2018Tyre selections for 2018 Japanese Grand Prix3
Sep 25 2018Sirotkin anticipating an intense home race1
Sep 25 2018Press conference schedule for 2018 Russian Grand Prix2
Sep 24 2018Stroll: A lot more pace to come1
Sep 19 2018Tyre selections for 2018 Russian Grand Prix1
Sep 17 2018Grosjean: Sirotkin was go-kart driving7
Sep 17 2018Sirotkin "gave it everything" in Singapore5
Sep 17 2018Engine penalty likely for Verstappen in Sochi2
Sep 17 2018Perez, Sirotkin say penalties recieved in Singapore GP were fair3
Sep 17 2018Whiting: Grosjean's blue flag incident "one of the worst I've seen"11
Sep 14 2018FP2: Raikkonen leads Hamilton after second practice1
Sep 7 2018Stroll: Experienced driver won't help Williams5
Sep 5 2018Kubica: Ocon shouldn't push too much for Williams seat11
Sep 4 2018Tyre selections for the 2018 Singapore Grand Prix0
Sep 2 2018Grosjean disqualified from Italian GP5
Sep 2 2018Stroll: Feeling good is an understatement0
Sep 2 2018Starting grid for 2018 Italian Grand Prix0
Aug 31 2018FP2: Vettel fastest despite spin, Ericsson crashes hard0

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Recent results of Sergey Sirotkin
Nov 25 2018 AE Grand Prix of Abu Dhabi P19 P15
Nov 11 2018 BR Grand Prix of Brazil P14 P17
Oct 28 2018 MX Grand Prix of Mexico P19 P14
Oct 21 2018 US Grand Prix of the United States P14 P13
Oct 7 2018 JP Grand Prix of Japan P17 P16
Sep 30 2018 RU Grand Prix of Russia P13 P18
Sep 16 2018 SG Grand Prix of Singapore P19 P19
Sep 2 2018 IT Grand Prix of Italy P12 P10
Aug 26 2018 BE Grand Prix of Belgium P15 P12
Jul 29 2018 HU Grand Prix of Hungary P19 P16
Jul 22 2018 DE Grand Prix of Germany P12 P19
Jul 8 2018 GB Grand Prix of Great Britain P18 P14
Jul 1 2018 AT Grand Prix of Austria P16 P14
Jun 24 2018 FR Grand Prix of France P18 P15
Jun 10 2018 CA Grand Prix of Canada P17 P17
May 27 2018 MC Grand Prix of Monaco P13 P16
May 13 2018 ES Grand Prix of Spain P19 P14
Apr 29 2018 AZ Azerbaijan Grand Prix P11 P20
Apr 15 2018 CN Grand Prix of China P16 P15
Apr 8 2018 BH Grand Prix of Bahrain P18 P15
Mar 25 2018 AU Grand Prix of Australia P19 P20
Jun 24 2017 AZ F2 Azerbaijan P17 P10
Nov 26 2016 AE GP2 Abu Dhabi - P4
Oct 1 2016 MY GP2 Malaysia - P2
Sep 3 2016 IT GP2 Italy - P15
Aug 27 2016 BE GP2 Belgium - P9
Jul 30 2016 DE GP2 Germany - P1
Jul 23 2016 HU GP2 Hungary - P3
Jul 9 2016 GB GP2 Great Britain - P18
Jul 2 2016 AT GP2 Austria - P12
Jun 18 2016 AZ GP2 Azerbajian - P2
May 27 2016 MC GP2 Monaco - P21
May 14 2016 ES GP2 Spain - P21
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