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Lance Stroll

Name CA Lance Stroll
Team Williams
Active As Williams Driver in Formula 1
Date of birth Oct 29 1998 (19)
City Genève
Weight 70 kg
Height 1.80m
Comment count 29,363 comments on Lance Stroll
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Team Series Role Start End Startnumber
GB Williams Formula 1 Driver Jan 1 2017 - 18
GB Williams Formula 1 Development driver Jan 1 2016 Dec 31 2016


Aug 17Perez deal due in "days"13
Aug 16Ocon: Mercedes seat just "a matter of time"2
Aug 12Stroll says Williams car hiding personal development7
Aug 11Massa was upset by Stroll's "no guidance" comment4
Aug 10Perez has multiple options for 20197
Aug 9Villeneuve: Stroll should make immediate switch to Force India8
Aug 8Perez has a "couple of options" for 20192
Aug 8Column: What now for Williams?7
Aug 8Force India feared same fate as Manor and Caterham1
Aug 7Force India to exit administration11
Aug 6Tyre selections for Spa and Monza0
Aug 1Rowland: Young talent makes F1 break difficult4
Jul 24Lawrence Stroll buys Force India - report12
Jul 23Kubica denies 2019 Haas talks2
Jul 20Stroll not denying Force India rumours12
Jul 19F1 should be a dictatorship - Berger24
Jul 17Claire Williams contemplating 'difficult decisions'8
Jul 6Williams braced for Silverstone struggle2
Jul 3Williams slow at every race - Stroll3
Jun 18Hartley almost ousted by Red Bull4
Jun 12Williams needs more time to fix car issues6
Jun 6Williams hints Stroll will stay in 20198
Jun 5Williams will not give up - Claire Williams15
May 30Williams should have solved 'comfort' problem - Kubica6
May 24Williams wants progress in July - Stroll2
May 13Verstappen hopes Red Bull can re-produce podium performace6
May 13Hamilton dominates to take victory in Barcelona5
May 13Starting grid for the 2018 Spanish Grand Prix0
May 12Stroll unhappy with Williams' performance in Barcelona6
May 12Kubica: I can make a comeback now4
May 11Kubica felt "embarrassed" during Williams practice outing4
May 11FP2: Hamilton quickest as Red Bull get closer1
May 11FP1: Mercedes look strong as Bottas leads the field2
May 10Wurz believes Williams' turnaround will come4
May 10Updated list of power unit components used3
May 1Tyre selections for the Spanish Grand Prix2
Apr 27Lance Stroll rejects Felipe Massa comments11
Apr 23Mercedes could help solve Williams cooling problem5
Apr 15Starting grid for the 2018 Chinese Grand Prix0
Apr 13Williams holding out hope for positive China performance3
Apr 13FP1: Hamilton leads the field in Shanghai1
Apr 12Updated list for power unit components used6
Apr 12Paddy Lowe: "No extra Friday sessions for Kubica"9
Apr 11Lance Stroll: "Williams currently has the slowest car"15
Apr 9Kubica: "Williams car simply not good enough"7
Apr 8Starting grid for the 2018 Bahrain Grand Prix3
Apr 6FP2: Raikkonen leads Ferrari one-two3
Apr 6Lance Stroll hits back after Villeneuve comments1
Mar 26Lance Stroll hits out at Williams' 2018 car17
Mar 25Sirotkin "quite disappointed" after retiring on debut3
Mar 25Starting grid for the 2018 Australian Grand Prix0
Mar 24Webber "not happy" with Williams drivers13
Mar 23FP2: Hamilton stays ahead after second practice4
Mar 22Stroll: "Williams' daring car needs more time"6
Mar 15Paddy Lowe says Kubica comparisons not right13
Mar 10Robert Kubica to take part at Le Mans 24 hour race0
Mar 6Vettel tops time sheets to begin second test6
Mar 1Barcelona Day 4: Hamilton tops final test from week one2
Feb 28Williams: Martini not put off by young drivers2
Feb 27Martini to end Williams F1 sponsorship at the end of 201811
Feb 26Ricciardo tops the timesheets on first day of winter testing3
Feb 26Driver line-up for week one of testing0
Feb 24Williams confirms test schedule for Barcelona0
Feb 19Williams has 'no doubts' about Sergey Sirotkin0
Feb 16Williams defends 2018 line-up amid 'pay-driver' comments10
Feb 16Sirotkin preparing for debut in "best possible way"1
Feb 15Kubica to take part in three FP1 outings in 20187
Feb 15Williams unveil the new FW4113
Feb 12Stroll taking inspiration from Hamilton on pressure handling7
Feb 7Kevin Magnussen could race Daytona in 201913

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Recent results of Lance Stroll
Jul 29 HU Grand Prix of Hungary P20 P17
Jul 22 DE Grand Prix of Germany P17 P17
Jul 8 GB Grand Prix of Great Britain P19 P12
Jul 1 AT Grand Prix of Austria P13 P13
Jun 24 FR Grand Prix of France P19 P17
Jun 10 CA Grand Prix of Canada P16 P19
May 27 MC Grand Prix of Monaco P17 P17
May 13 ES Grand Prix of Spain P18 P11
Apr 29 AZ Azerbaijan Grand Prix P10 P8
Apr 15 CN Grand Prix of China P18 P14
Apr 8 BH Grand Prix of Bahrain P20 P14
Mar 25 AU Grand Prix of Australia P13 P14
Nov 26 2017 AE Grand Prix of Abu Dhabi P15 P18
Nov 12 2017 BR Grand Prix of Brazil P16 P16
Oct 29 2017 MX Grand Prix of Mexico P11 P6
Oct 22 2017 US Grand Prix of the United States P15 P11
Oct 8 2017 JP Grand Prix of Japan P18 P16
Oct 1 2017 MY Grand Prix of Malaysia P13 P8
Sep 17 2017 SG Grand Prix of Singapore P18 P8
Sep 3 2017 IT Grand Prix of Italy P2 P7
Aug 27 2017 BE Grand Prix of Belgium P18 P11
Jul 30 2017 HU Grand Prix of Hungary P17 P14
Jul 16 2017 GB Grand Prix of Great Britain P16 P16
Jul 9 2017 AT Grand Prix of Austria P18 P10
Jun 25 2017 AZ Azerbaijan Grand Prix P8 P3
Jun 11 2017 CA Grand Prix of Canada P17 P9
May 28 2017 MC Grand Prix of Monaco P17 P14
May 14 2017 ES Grand Prix of Spain P18 P16
Apr 30 2017 RU Grand Prix of Russia P11 P11
Apr 16 2017 BH Grand Prix of Bahrain P12 P17
Apr 9 2017 CN Grand Prix of China P10 P20
Mar 26 2017 AU Grand Prix of Australia P19 P16
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