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Location Spain Founding date Jan 1 2010
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Team Series Role Start End Startnumber
ES HRT Formula 1 Team Jan 1 2010 Dec 31 2012
AU Daniel Ricciardo   Driver 22
VE Pastor Maldonado   Test driver


Dec 13 2018Chandhok returns to Sky Sports F11
Aug 21 2018Marko "can't understand" Ricciardo's Renault move4
Opinion: Haas humiliated but are destined to get the last laugh0
Dec 27 2017Steiner states Haas proved new teams can avoid embarrassment1
Aug 16 2017Steiner believes F1 needs another Minardi for young drivers0
Jul 12 2017Silverstone bringing healthy memories for Ricciardo1
Mar 7 2017Former F1 driver Sala doubts Alonso will quit0
Jan 19 2017Christian Klien starts military service in Austria1
Sep 14 2016Daniel Ricciardo hoping to claim 'Monaco win' in Singapore0
Jul 28 2016Ricciardo on the eve of his 100th F1 race0
Jul 1 2016Grosjean sure Dallara fixing front wing problems0
Jun 14 2016Former F1 test driver Ma to make WRC d├ębut0
May 9 2016Ex HRT F1 chief executive in tax fraud probe0
Jan 13 2016Gutierrez: "Haas targets points from the beginning"0
Dec 21 2015Indian GP 'impossible' without government support0
Dec 5 2015F1 veterans warn newcomer Haas0
Oct 24 2015Haas books chassis crash tests for January0
Oct 7 2015Haas F1 Team has budget of 100 to 110 million1
Sep 11 2015Sauber wants to be heard by the FIA - Kaltenborn0
Aug 13 2015Haas expecting team to swerve common mistakes0
May 6 2015De la Rosa admits F1 career appears to be over0
Apr 15 2015Kolles blasts 'stubborn' FIA over F1's massive problem0
Apr 14 2015Bianchi signed at Sauber mere hours before crash - Kolles0
Jan 21 2015Ferrari signs Toni Cuquerella as lead engineer0
Oct 30 2014Forza Rossa granted an entry to race in F1 in 20151
Oct 29 2014Collapsing F1 teams 'made a lot of mistakes' - Haas1
Oct 27 2014Fernley: "We'll lose more teams if we carry on like this"0
Oct 22 2014Caterham needs an agreement with administrators CSL0
Sep 3 2014Former Toro Rosso designer not surprised by Ricciardo0
Jul 11 2014Sainz jr confirms possibility to race for Caterham this year0
Jul 9 2014Bianchi, Gutierrez, Sainz headline 2014 'silly season'0
Jul 5 2014Kolles: "Without investors, Caterham wouldn't race in Silverstone"0
Jul 4 2014Caterham sale caught its drivers by surprise0
Jul 3 2014F1 paddock 'puzzles over' investors behind Caterham sale0
Jul 2 2014Kolles set to return to pitwall as team boss at Caterham0
Jun 16 2014Forza Rossa still waiting for formal response from FIA0
Jun 13 2014Caterham could be absent when F1 returns to Austria0
Jun 4 2014Forza Rossa has until June 23 to lodge $20m F1 bond0
Jun 3 2014FIA to accept new F1 team of Colin Kolles0
May 22 2014Ricciardo is a gift for Formula One - Colin Kolles0
Apr 14 2014Engine deal is 'next move' for Haas Formula0
Apr 14 2014'Forza Rossa' is Romanian Ferrari importer0
Apr 11 2014Haas accepted, other applicants being considered - Ecclestone0
Apr 9 2014Haas still not notified officially about 2015 F1 entry0
Feb 28 2014Veto right FOM delays decision about new entry for 20150
Feb 17 2014Legal dispute threatens Kolles' F1 entry0
Feb 11 2014F1 could open doors for two new teams in 20150
Feb 7 2014Ricciardo to find own way at Red Bull - Vettel0
Jan 20 2014Dacia denies involvement in F1 project Kolles0
Jan 19 2014Dacia linked to enter Formula 1 with Kolles0
Jan 17 2014Kolles, Stefanovich also interested in F1 entry in 20150
Dec 12 2013FIA launches selection process for twelfth F1 team for 20150
Nov 28 2013Marussia owner wants to merge with Sauber0
Oct 24 2013Juncadella tackles Williams debut reports0
Oct 1 2013Senna hopes Massa will represent Brazil in F1 next year0
Sep 4 2013Kolles compares Ricciardo to young Alonso and Senna0
Aug 12 2013Colin Kolles eyes takeover of Sauber0
Jul 31 2013Scheduling issue triggered sabbatical for Indian GP in 20140
Jul 22 2013Sirotkin 'definitely too young' for Formula 1 - boss0
Jul 19 2013Mercedes backs Wolff amid negative remarks saga0
Jul 18 2013Ex-F1 boss Colin Kolles tried to blackmail Wolff - report1
Jul 17 2013Bruno Senna hints next move could be to America0
Jun 25 2013No 'level playing field' in F1, complains Marussia0
Jun 5 2013Astana wants Juncadella to gain F1 experience at Williams0
May 2 2013Loss of F1 prize money 'really hurts' - Marussia0
Apr 18 2013De la Rosa reveals serious talks with Mercedes for 20130
Feb 19 2013Senna left F1 to score wins and podiums0
Feb 15 2013Pirelli buys 2011 car from HRT - report0
Feb 14 2013HRT headquarters already dismantled and deserted - report0
Feb 12 2013Marussia to stay in F1 with new Concorde Agreement0

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