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Location United Kingdom Founding date Dec 2 1997
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Team Series Role Start End Startnumber
GB BAR Formula 1 Team Jan 1 1999 Dec 31 2005
GB Jenson Button   Driver 3
GB Jenson Button   Driver 9
CA Jacques Villeneuve   Driver 16
GB Jenson Button   Driver 17
CA Jacques Villeneuve   Driver 11
CA Jacques Villeneuve   Driver 10
CA Jacques Villeneuve   Driver 22
BR Ricardo Zonta   Driver 23
CA Jacques Villeneuve   Driver Dec 31 2000 22
BR Ricardo Zonta   Driver Dec 31 2000 23


Dec 22 2018Horner: RB14 was arguably the strongest chassis in 20185
Dec 21 2018Todt cuts ties with ART Grand Prix1
Dec 13 2018Sainz: McLaren has the tools to return to the top2
Dec 10 2018Pirelli announces tyre compounds for opening four races of 20196
Nov 29 2018Brawn: Bottas only flaw in Mercedes' 2018 campaign13
Nov 25 2018Jenson Button joins Sky Sports F11
Nov 21 2018Mercedes to 'go for broke' at season finale2
Nov 20 2018Mick Schumacher to partner Vettel at Race of Champions0
Oct 7 2018Pirelli outlines strategy options for Japan0
Sep 27 2018Brown says F1 should consider one-off liveries8
May 30 2018Raikkonen alleges blackmail after sexual assault claims2
May 24 2018De Ferran becomes McLaren consultant0
Jan 17 2018FIA brings in former McLaren boss Martin Whitmarsh6
Dec 10 2017Ricciardo admits one-lap pace needs improving2
Dec 7 2017Hasegawa to leave role at Honda amid management shakeup3
Oct 22 2017Alonso not surpised by Sainz's impressive Renault debut2
Sep 4 2017Hamilton wants to know Schumacher condition7
Aug 24 2017A look back at Belgium: 20000
Jul 27 2017Whiting sure developed Halo will improve car aesthetics5
Jul 19 2017Super soft compound favoured for Hungary GP1
Jun 10 2017Villeneuve slams Vandoorne on "disappointing" start2
May 31 2017Horner worried about upcoming races for Red Bull2
May 24 2017A look back at Monaco: 20040
Apr 29 2017Red Bull disagree with FIA's engine data claim2
Apr 7 2017Jolyon Palmer: "We’re starting from a blank canvas"3
Dec 30 2016Challengers to Mercedes "healthy" for F1 - Christian Horner0
Dec 30 2016Red Bull one of only two teams to record profits in 20162
Dec 23 2016Valtteri Bottas' Williams exit echoes the past0
Dec 15 2016Renault sign McLaren engineer0
Nov 30 2016Toto Wolff certain equal driver treatment is the correct approach0
Nov 14 2016Jenson Button wants answers from McLaren0
Sep 18 2016Nico Rosberg: "More satisfying with a race like that"0
Sep 17 2016Sebastian Vettel out in Q1 in Singapore0
Aug 2 2016Williams interested in Jenson Button but not willing to wait0
Jul 26 2016Jacques Villeneuve: "Nico will be the one in front"2
Jul 20 2016Fernando Alonso still aiming for 2017 title2
Jul 19 2016FE: Jacques Villeneuve looking for Formula E return0
Jul 18 2016IndyCar: Perfect strategy call hands Will Power win in Toronto0
Apr 13 2016Sergio Marchionne to take on Ferrari CEO role3
Mar 17 2016Verstappen targets 2016 podium, 'top car' in 20170
Mar 16 2016History: Safety and looks in Formula One: an unhappy relationship1
Feb 10 2016Villeneuve could have gone to McLaren after 19972
Jan 27 2016History: 101 Formula One Stories: part II0
Dec 16 2015You need a lawyer to interpret F1 rules - Ferrari1
Dec 15 2015'F1 should take into account the tastes of the public'1
Dec 7 2015Verstappen raises the bar and aims for a podium0
Dec 5 2015F1 veterans warn newcomer Haas0
Dec 2 2015Booth, Lowdon set for LMP2 project at Le Mans0
Dec 1 2015History: Renault in Formula 10
Oct 14 2015History: The cockpit canopy2
Oct 7 2015Hoy and Ainsly in ROC Celebrity Skills Challenge0
Aug 21 2015FP2: Scary moment for Rosberg as tyre explodes1
Aug 13 2015F1 is too perfect, it lacks the human factor - De Ferran0
Mar 23 2015New controversy surrounding fuel-flow rules brewing1
Mar 6 2015Vettel is legitimate heir of Schumacher - Villeneuve1
Feb 21 2015Multiple threats have Mercedes' eyes 'wide open'0
Jan 19 2015Mercedes denies 'old' engine for 2015 rumours0
Nov 28 2014Red Bull escaped race ban for illegal wings - Force India0
Nov 11 2014McLaren now deciding on who will be Alonso's teammate0
Oct 27 2014Fernley: "We'll lose more teams if we carry on like this"0
Oct 20 2014Mercedes preparing big step with turbo pressure for 20151
Oct 6 2014'Bianchi relying on a respirator to be able to breathe'0
Aug 12 2014Renault, Ferrari invested far less than Mercedes - Jalinier0
Jul 15 2014Germany 2014 preview quotes: Sauber0
May 21 2014Mercedes expects to be challenged in Monaco0
May 21 20142014 Monaco Grand Prix - Preview0
Apr 19 20142014 Chinese Grand Prix - Qualifying Report: Hamilton shines in the Wet, Raikkonen and Button struggle2
Apr 16 2014China 2014 preview quotes: Mercedes0
Mar 29 20142014 Malaysia Grand Prix - Qualifying Report: Hamilton takes pole in a Wet Weather thriller0
Mar 27 2014Button doesn't like sound of moaning Vettel0

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