Misunderstandings 'no longer acceptable' at Ferrari

Published on 09 Jan 2019 10:38

Angelo Sticchi Damiani, the president of the Automobile Club d'Italia, says that there can no longer be any misunderstandings at Ferrari after the axing of team principal Maurizio Arrivabene. Arrivabene was replaced on Monday by the team's chief technical officer, Mattia Binotto.

Ferrari was in contention for the world title in 2017 and 2018, but found its challenge against Mercedes slip away in the second half of both seasons. The blame was pinned on both the team for failing to successfully update the car and making strategic errors, while Sebastian Vettel found himself involved in a number of on-track incidents.

"The message is clear," Sticchi Damiani told Corriere dello Sport. "There can no longer be misunderstandings. The results can no longer be questioned because of communication issues between those responsible," he insisted.

It is understood that Binotto will take charge of the team as well as retain his duties in the technical department. However, Sticchi Damiani doesn't believe that a dual role will be possible for the Swiss engineer.

"The appointment of Binotto and above all the fusion of the two most important roles within the team is a sensational development that means one thing: you have to win the two world championships right away," he said.

"Expectations for 2019 are enormous and it is important that a point of equilibrium has been found. The shareholders clearly considered the risk of a third season with stumbles and missed opportunities unacceptable. It was also due to the fans, who have never abandoned Ferrari in moments of defeat or long waits."

Vettel to benefit from Leclerc pairing

Despite 2018 being just his rookie year in the sport, Charles Leclerc was called up to the Ferrari seat for the upcoming season in place of Kimi Raikkonen. And the Monza boss thinks that the threat of a young talented driver is just was Vettel needs to get on top of his form.

"Sebastian (Vettel) will not have welcomed the arrival of a young, fast and already very mature driver, but I am convinced that it can only help him and push him to give his best," said Sticchi Damiani.

"There is a need for new incentives after the incredible fragility demonstrated last season while racing in a kind of comfort zone with his friend Raikkonen at his side. Getting out of it can only do him good," he concluded.

Replies (5)
SE calle.itw 09 Jan 2019 11:570
Posts: 5898
I will miss Arrivabene's personality, but Im interested to see what Binotto can do at the same position.
Posts: 303
Me too - he was charismatic, clearly a character and Im sure he will be a loss, though maybe we won't miss his insights and stories - he never had any ! Interesting comment by Sticchi - I wonder if this is Vettel's last season at Ferrari - surely he has to win this season to keep his job?
SE calle.itw 09 Jan 2019 12:120
Posts: 5898
I dont think so. Vettel is still a 4 time champion, I think he'll be safe anyway. But he'll have a much harder time, especially if the car starts out really really good and he fails to meet expectations again.
US Ram Samartha 09 Jan 2019 18:210
Posts: 312
He was likeable enough, but there's no denying that the team lost the title last year because of team mistakes. Someone's got to be responsible and it all comes down to management. A good video out yesterday from autosport about this topic.
US ajpennypacker 09 Jan 2019 21:000
Posts: 1508
When have misunderstandings been acceptable at Ferrari? I still have mixed feelings about the axing of Arrivabene. But I guess this is just how it works there, you either win in 3 to 4 years or get fired. I'm not sure why they do this, it's almost as though they forgot how long it took Jean Todt and Ross Brown to turn Ferrari around. Constantly changing the manager has been a losing strategy ever since.

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