Paddy Lowe: Teams attempted to ensure all 2019 loopholes were closed

Published on 02 Jan 2019 20:12

Williams technical chief Paddy Lowe claims the Formula 1 teams have made a real effort to ensure there are no loopholes in the new 2019 aerodynamic rules that could be exploited to gain an advantage. 

F1 bosses pushed for the 2019 rules which have included a change to the specification of the front wing that should allow the new cars to maintain a narrow gap when following during a race. The aim is to increase the amount of overtaking by allowing the cars to stay close without losing downforce. 

10 years ago Brawn F1 took advantage of a loophole to employ a double diffuser to great effect winning that years championship. Lowe doesn't believe that there will be a repeat of Brawn's level of success in 2019. 

"The teams have been quite ready and open, at least some of them, to put stuff on the table that's then been heavily constrained. The regulations are very restrictive. I hope it's the case for everybody else, but we're struggling to find a lot of performance out of these front wings."

Andrew Green, technical director of Force India was quoted as saying: "Hopefully that is a set of regulations that everyone can work with. And there's not a huge loophole. There might be little ones in there. One of the reasons why it has changed is to try and get rid of those complicated solutions".

He summed up saying, "So it's an incredibly complicated set of regulations to have an end result of an incredibly simple set of geometry."

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SE calle.itw 03 Jan 2019 10:250
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Yes, Im sure the teams did their all to report all the loopholes they found, and 100% didnt try to hide some for their own gain. Y'know, at this rate, F1 might just rival the game industry as the business of lies.
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Yep - they will always keep one or two back - daft not to. and dafter still for any reader to think they won't! It's mickey mouse tit for tat stuff though - far bigger issues need fixing than front wings - get rid of tracks where you can't actually overtake, the abolition of "B"-Teams, more equal distribution of funds and...........

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