Webber 'concerned' by Ricciardo's Renault switch

Published on 24 Dec 2018 12:58

Former Grand Prix driver Mark Webber admits that he is concerned for Daniel Ricciardo's future following his decision to join Renault. Ricciardo opted to leave Red Bull at the end of the 2018 season to join the Enstone squad, who is attempting to resurge back towards the front of the grid.

Renault returned to F1 in 2016, and while it has made significant gains in the midfield battle, it has a large gap to close before it contests with the top three teams, which includes Red Bull.

Ricciardo had a frustrating 2018 season that was blighted by poor reliability, however he did pick up two victories - his only podiums of the year. Renault has not yet finished inside the top three since its return, but has injected stronger investment over the last season.

Next season, Red Bull will link up with Honda as its official power unit supplier. While the Japanese manufacturer has been playing catch-up with its rivals, Webber believes that Red Bull-Honda will be a strong force in two years' time, leaving him to question Ricciardo's decision.

“I think we’re all a bit concerned about it,” Webber said. “The people in the industry would have liked him to (stay). I’m still reasonably close to Red Bull as is my buddy David Coulthard, we’ve spoken about it often, I’ve had the odd dinner with Daniel, he knows where my position is on this, it hasn’t changed.

“I would have loved him to stay at Red Bull. I think the funding and the backing and with Honda coming, I don’t think they’ll be incredibly strong next year but by 2020, I think they could be a very special outfit to be with again. To get the results that Red Bull are going to get next year is going to be challenging for him to say the least.

"Renault, the team he’s going to next year, they want budget caps, head count caps, they want all sort of decreases in salaries across the board to get the parity of the sport up there. I think when you’ve just arrived there as a driver, and you have a team that’s giving that sort of position, that’s a concern.”

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SE calle.itw 24 Dec 2018 13:310
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Time will tell. Merry christmas guys!
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And Merry Christmas to you!
NL Patentprutser 24 Dec 2018 15:580
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I think Ricciardo's last podium, will be Monaco ...
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82 days left until the start of next year. Next year will be a reset of the aero balance of the cars. There will be people who get it right and those who don't. If any of the top teams gets it wrong it might cost them the first part of season. For the likes of McLaren/Williams this might be a blessing.

Haas will have to do things a bit different since they can't rely on spare parts of Ferrari.

Anyway Merry Christmas Everyone.
US mcbhargav 24 Dec 2018 18:090
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Webber’s spin on Renault is as reliable as Honda’s engine. Ricciardo has an option to switch to Ferrari or Merc. This is not the end of the world.
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If he move to Ferrari or Merc, I think he need to stop drink from shoe, not good image for top brand.
US mcbhargav 24 Dec 2018 22:130
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Lol. He should stop that silly habit asap. What bums is webber sharing that bacteria,and sweat laden champagne.
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@MCBHARGAV, agreed. Webber's spin is not very forward looking and is all based on playing it safe. He of all people should know that you'll never be champion as second driver!

It was right for Ricciardo to leave the team, and it would appear he has done it on good terms, which may leave the door open for the future.

It was clear from the Azerbaijan race that Verstappen was the favoured driver and that Ricciardo had to leave the team if he didn’t want to play second fiddle to Verstappen.

Ricciardo is now the number one driver in a team, he is now out of the clutches of Red Bull and he has given himself the best chance strategically of outperforming Verstappen, which he will need to do if he wants to move to Ferrari or Mercedes in the future.
SE calle.itw 26 Dec 2018 08:230
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@DR002 I dont get why everyone think Ric is automatically number 1 at Renault now? Surely you dont think Hulk of all people will just step aside and let Ric take over everything he has been building there? He wont be easily beaten, and he wont just let Ric beat him.
US mcbhargav 26 Dec 2018 17:330
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I hope Hulk puts up a better fight to RIC. But, Hulk's huge glaring deficit in overtaking might keep him from loosing the favor of the management. Not to mention, $30Mil/yr wouldn't be paid out to an also ran in F1, unless they see clear merit.
SE calle.itw 26 Dec 2018 18:440
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I think Ric is the better driver, and in time he probably will become the number 1. But Hulk wont just let him in and give him the crown, thats more the notion Im not buying. He aint no Kimi, thats for sure.
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@CALLE.ITW, I doubt Renault will be paying Ricciardo the big bucks to be on level terms with Hulkenberg, and I suspect Ricciardo would have had the opportunity to negotiate some fairly favourable terms to entice him across from Red Bull.

Sure The Hulk has the opportunity to battle it out with Ric whilst ever a position in the Constructors remains in play, but I think he'll need to cement a sizable lead in the early part of the season, because as is the case with all the top teams, there is definitely a 1 - 2 in each team.

In making the move from Red Bull, I suspect that Ricciardo (as best he could) would have ensured he has at Renault what Verstappen has at Red Bull, Vettel has at Ferrari and Hamilton has at Mercedes.
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Holidaying down under. This and last post from DR002.
US Ram Samartha 26 Dec 2018 03:080
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Danny Ric probably did make the best decision for the long term. Renault looks to have the best margin for improvement given their commitment and resources they are giving to the sport. If I had to bet on Renault or RB/Honda in 2-3 years time I would go with Renault. RBR doesn't have a good track record of working well with others. I imagine Ricciardo immediately felt better when he got out from under the thumb of Herr Marko. Time will tell for sure.

Merry Christmas All!
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Interesting one and the debate will continue for a little while yet. He is def number 1 driver at Renault, Hulk a step down on DR, this much will be plain to see come Melbourne, Bring it on !

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