Vettel claims Ferrari was still 'too far away' in 2018

Published on 07 Dec 2018 14:27

Sebastian Vettel believes that Ferrari was still too far away to win the world championship in 2018. The Maranello based team appeared to start the year as arguably the strongest outfit, winning the opening two races of the season.

While it held the advantage on the approach to the summer break, following the commencement of the second half of the year, its challenge fell away after a number of car upgrades failed to improve its pace and Vettel got involved in a number of on-track altercations.

“I think first of all it’s a nice position to be in to be able to fight for the championship,” said Vettel said at the FIA Gala in St Petersburg on Friday. “Obviously the years after my last championship haven’t been straightforward.

"I think it’s nice in the last two years to be back in a position we can fight for wins and also have a word to say for the championship. But I think if you look at the whole championship then we were still too far away,” he added.

“It was looking quite good and close up to halfway through, and maybe the races including Spa and Monza. After that I think we had a quite significant drop in performance which obviously made it quite difficult for us. Equally Lewis [Hamilton] together with Mercedes had a very strong sequence of races, scoring a lot of points, a lot of wins. Then the gap opened up quite quickly from that point onwards.”

Hamilton wrapped up his fifth world championship at the Mexican Grand Prix in October. Heading into the round, Hamilton held a massive lead of 70 points, but Vettel claims that he held on to his titles hopes until the very end.

"I think you always tend to believe and fight until the end so it was really Mexico when I realised it would be difficult, and then impossible once we crossed the line But until then I didn’t really follow the points that closely. I obviously knew that it wasn’t going in my favour.”

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US Ram Samartha 07 Dec 2018 16:490
Posts: 254
He's not completely wrong. The car was there but it was Ferrari the team, Vettel included, which is why they lost the titles this year. What was it, 6 races that were lost because of Vettel's mistakes? Ham probably would have won in that red car.
SE calle.itw 07 Dec 2018 22:540
Posts: 5636
The car was and wasnt there. At times the Ferrari looked very far away, while it dominated at other times. It was a car of extremes this year. And Ferrari the team and some of Vettel's blunders (Singapore Im putting on Ferrari, it was their strategy that messed it up) didnt help. The only props is that they didnt hang out their strategists in the same way Merc' delivered some "good noose" over radio to Hammy.

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