Wolff: 2019 front wings won't reduce outwash

Published on 07 Dec 2018 09:40

Mercedes F1 boss Toto Wolff says that aerodynamicists have already discovered a new way to create 'outwash' despite the 2019 regulations aiming to heavily reduce the amount of dirty air that comes from the car.

In recent years, the cars have struggled to follow each other closely through the corners, as an increase in outwash, the dirty air that flows around the car, means an increase in the flow of disturbed air travelling to the car behind.

Earlier this year, the FIA confirmed a number of aerodynamic changes for the 2019 season that would aim to bring the cars closer together on the track, and allow for more racing. But Wolff says that team members have already found new ways to create the same amount of downforce.

"At the moment it’s very difficult for the cars to follow," he said. “You can’t come any closer, you lose downforce, the tyre loses grip and therefore the overtaking’s really bad. When you look at some of the junior classes with less aerodynamics, F2 for example, there’s some great racing there actually. They are able to come close.

“So the aim was to take away a little bit of the aero. Direct the airflow not around the car – so you create a big hole behind your car, and that’s bad – but over the car. But they fight 2,000 aerodynamicists in all the teams and I think we have found solutions that we can get the air again around the car. It’s not going to change an awful lot.”

The front wings for next year have been simplified, with less elements featuring on them. In order to reduce the loss of downforce they produce, their width will increase from 1,800mm to 2,000mm. Bargeboards have also been adjusted, while rear wings will increase in height.

Replies (4)
US Ram Samartha 07 Dec 2018 16:390
Posts: 254
If the teams can find a way to do it, they will, especially if it gives them an advantage over the car behind. What's the solution? It looks like the FIA is going to be busy scrutineering the cars even more.
SE calle.itw 07 Dec 2018 22:590
Posts: 5636
Of course they did, and of course they will parasite on that loophole, and of course Merc' will get away with it because its Merc', and they'll come out of 2019 smelling like oil burning roses, while the breeze from the outwash plays with Toto's moneylaiden hair.
US ajpennypacker 08 Dec 2018 04:020
Posts: 1404
If loopholes are found blame the regulation. In fact I would find fault in every team that failed to exploit the loophole to their advantage. That's their damn job. That's what the best teams always manage to do.

Now, what really bothers me about this is that it would help with closer racing. You'd think that this was discussed in the many meetings leading to this regulatory reform.
SE calle.itw 08 Dec 2018 18:450
Posts: 5636
Here is the thing though, my dear coin collector: Whom partook in setting up the rules? At least two parties: The FIA, and the teams. Among other reasons, the teams were there as to investigate potential methods of bypassing the regulations, yet suddenly Merc' has all of a sudden discovered a way to bypass them. Weird that, dont you think? And I will however also blame the FIA for being too slow on the upkeep and not slamming down as much on Merc' as on the rest. Hell, when even Ferrari has to follow rules Merc' doesnt, isnt it kinda messed up? Yes, Im ranting on about the oil burning again, but it was a weak display to say the least.

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