Riccairdo: Someone said no to Ferrari deal

Published on 04 Dec 2018 10:09

Daniel Ricciardo says that someone "said no" to a potential Ferrari deal for 2019, and claims that he knows who it might be. The Australian was linked in the early stages of 2018 with a move to the Scuderia outfit alongside former teammate Sebastian Vettel.

Ricciardo confirmed that he held discussions with Ferrari, but a deal fell through. In August, he announced that he would be leaving Red Bull after the 2018 season, which was quickly followed by the news that he had signed for Renault.

Ferrari opted to replace Kimi Raikkonen with its junior driver Charles Leclerc. Some reports stated that Ferrari was not willing to pay what Ricciardo wanted (rumoured to be around the $20 million mark), suggestions the 29-year-old has denied.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about," he told Automoto. "Who said I’d asked for too much money Evidently someone said no when I arrived. Who? I’d like to know, but maybe I have an idea.”

When pushed on who that “someone” could be, he answered: “Good question, maybe it’s better if you ask them. I talked and discussed, but you see that they had already made arrangements with Leclerc, so mine fell through. That works well and good luck to them as far as I’m concerned.”

Ricciardo, who is of Italian descent, believes that a door to Ferrari in the future is not completely closed: “I hope to still have some time in F1 and who knows that in the future there are not opportunities to meet again,” he added.

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SE calle.itw 04 Dec 2018 12:120
Posts: 5636
Surely Vettel laid down his veto, theres little doubt about that. Ric seem like the type to prioritize a competitive seat rather than big bucks, and even if he did, money aint a problem for Ferrari.
Posts: 29
I feel in my guts that Leclerc will verify Vettel like Daniel did it in Redbull few years ago.
Posts: 244
I can imagine Ricciardo partnering Leclerc in 2020. :) If Vettel gets beaten by Leclerc in 2019.
Posts: 216
I really like Leclerc and hope he proves his worth, but really hope he doesn't have the 'all in, I don't care' attitude and start crashing like some drivers have done in the past.
Posts: 29
So far its 1:0 for Vettel in crashes of Ferrari 2019 season drivers😝
US mcbhargav 04 Dec 2018 16:47+1
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Leclerc seemed like a guy who is a better choice for Ferrari, than Ricciardo. Hope i am not wrong.
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I am not as sure as most of you here. Leclerc hasn't had a podium yet and hopefully he can withstand the likes of Vettel.
SE calle.itw 05 Dec 2018 05:560
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He hasnt, but then again he hasnt been in a car capable fo a podium.
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LeClerc is an excellent choice for Ferrari and while Ric is very fast it is still better for Ferrari to have a younger gun next to Vettel, hopeful he challenges Vettel like Ric did to Max to no avail but who could? Ricciardo is behind Max the fastest on the grid. The older boys Vettel and Hamilton just playing it save in by far the best cars on the grid but missing the raw speed when the competition is getting even close, how many times Hamilton just lost out to Max and anybody else in a car with 60 ph less without the party mode for qualifying.
NL Danimal5981 05 Dec 2018 08:500
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Never heard of 'Riccairdo', is he any good?

All driver pairs are more or less set for the upcoming two seasons (save Bottas who really has to make his mark if is he is to remain at Mercedes, with Ocon waiting in the wings). But come 2021 some driver changes might pop up. If Honda does not deliver I think it will become likely for Max to replace Seb at Ferrari and not Danny Ric.

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