Perez admits Ocon relationship was 'never great'

Published on 01 Dec 2018 16:08

Sergio Perez says that his relationship with Esteban Ocon was "never great" throughout their two years together at Force India. Ocon joined the Silverstone outfit in 2017, replacing Nico Hulkenberg who left for Renault.

Their maiden year as teammates was a tough one, with the pair coming together on track a number of times. Tensions started to rise in Canada of 2017, where Perez refused to let Ocon by for a chance to attack Ricciardo for a podium finish.

Later in the season, they made contact in Baku, before coming together twice at the Circuit Spa-Francorchamps. Earlier this year in Singapore, the two clashed on the opening lap in Singapore, sending Ocon into the barrier and out of the race.

Ocon has now left Force India, having been replaced by Lance Stroll. When asked what the relationship was like with the Frenchman over the past two years, Perez replied: "To be honest it was never great, the greatest one.

“We are both very professional, we don’t spend a lot of time out of the car, so it was quite very flat. I’ll say that with my past teammates, there was more of an outside relationship.

“I’ve had it before, with Hulkenberg. It’s always hard, we are so competitive, and also when you are not teammates anymore, the relationship all of a sudden gets a bit better. It depends. There are drivers that cannot separate what is racing and outside of the car. Everyone is different.”

Speaking about his new teammate Stroll, Perez said: "I don’t know him much as a driver. In Formula 1, it’s so difficult to prepare, to know a driver from another team. 95 percent of your results is done by the car. He’s certainly had a poor season down to his car. I think Williams had a lot of trouble.

“But the kid definitely has talent. He’s been on the podium, when it’s wet, he’s always up there, and I think he’s coming to a great team with one of the best engineers in the world. I think he will be in great hands to deliver his full potential.”

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US mcbhargav 01 Dec 2018 17:120
Posts: 730
So thats a confirmation that, Ocon has given fight.
Posts: 4243
No, Hulkenberg gave him a better run for his money. It does confirm that Ocon has a somewhat less pleasant character.
US mcbhargav 03 Dec 2018 16:480
Posts: 730
Ocon out qualified Perez 11-4 this season. Made 1 less point than Perez ( 45 pts to 46 pts) despite retiring from 4 races ( to one retirement of Perez).
Posts: 57
No... Perez ended up with 62 points and finished 8th in the Championship, to Ocon's 49 points and 12th place, and he also had the one podium finish over the past 2 seasons for FI... Yes, Ocon out qualified Perez in 2018, but as they say, Points are won on Sunday...
Nothing against Ocon, he's a good mid field driver, but doesn't seem to be anything special, I'm not sure why all the hype, good on Saturdays, not so good on Sundays.... Reminds me of Hulkenberga bit...
US ajpennypacker 03 Dec 2018 21:250
Posts: 1414
+1 I think the chances of Ocon ending up with a Mercedes seat in 2020 approach 0%
Posts: 57
i don't even think Ocon is Better that Bottas, so I doubt very much that he'll end up in that Merc seat... Toto probably eyeing Russell for that, Ocon looks like insurance in case Bottas tanks & Russell is not ready... My 2 cents.
Posts: 186
Yes thats a confirmation that not only Gasly, LeClerc and Max did not like the baguettes style of racing but also his teammate, good luck Mercedes with the over the top just to irritate smiling Ocon. Thanks Sergio for the honesty and good luck next year for 4e in the constructors tittle with Lance would be great.
US ajpennypacker 03 Dec 2018 15:530
Posts: 1414
Driving aside, Ocon is a lowkey prick. Different to the main ones on the grid, but still in the spectrum

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