Hamilton was stronger after title win - Wolff

Published on 28 Nov 2018 11:46

Mercedes boss Toto Wolff says that Lewis Hamilton was stronger following his title win in at the Mexican Grand Prix. At the following races in Brazil and Abu Dhabi, the Briton took victory, the first time he has done so in the same year after winning a world title.

Hamilton took the win in Brazil after Max Verstappen got caught up with Esteban Ocon when he was attempting to lap him. In Abu Dhabi, he was uncontested on his way to the victory after taking pole position the day before.

And since clinching his fifth world title with two rounds to spare, Wolff believes that he the 33-year-old got stronger: “He’s actually driven stronger after winning the drivers’ title,” said Wolff.

“I feel he’s just so embedded in the team and integrated that the drivers’ title felt incomplete, which for a driver is really strange because they are calibrated on the drivers’ title.

“But he said it felt incomplete and that we needed to seal the team's title. When you look at his face, that was almost more relief and happiness about sealing the constructor's title than the first one. And that’s why he just didn’t take his foot off the throttle until the very end, and that is somehow a new Lewis also.”

It was a successful year for Mercedes in general, as it won championships across the board: “We’ve had an exceptional year overall in Mercedes, with all the trophies that we’ve won, that is for me a highlight to say because we’ve managed to clinch the title with Mick [Schumacher] in F3 and George [Russell] in F2, and the virtual titles, the DTM success,” he said.

“So that is my first highlight, I would say, the combination of events of winning the DTM and F3 on one weekend, and then the drivers’ title in Formula 1 and then the constructors’. It just feels like a huge burden off of our shoulder. And the second highlight for me was Lewis’ Singapore qualifying lap, as a stand-out event.

“He was travelling the world to various fashion shows, launching his collection, and many people were saying on Thursday how can you allow him to be in New York and in Shanghai for 10 days and then come to the race. And then he just killed everybody on the track on Saturday.”

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DE juju_hound 28 Nov 2018 13:40+1
Posts: 166
Lewis wouldn't achieve that without mr Nico Rosberg. 2016 was the best lession for him. Sometimes you have to lose to win again.
Posts: 186
agree JUJU, congrats to Lews and Mercedes but boy oh boy any top driver would have taken 5 or 6 WC with always one or the best car on the grid for 10 years now, i have seen him cry and losing it when Button beat him. Rosberg was faster in qualifying that is the key in F1, always in front no turbulence, blue flags quick Lewis is coming, Bottas blocking the rest of the field to kill tires and Lewis the GB officials darling kisses his car like a Pope. For 2019 hopeful Ferrari & RBR / Honda get it to kick ass. Go Max and LeClerc, Lewis cant stand the heat and changes in a bitch, we have see it with Alonso, Button and Rosberg he will fall apart if the competition has at least a comparable chassis / engine package like the Mercede$$$.
Posts: 186
both Toto and Lewis are narcissist total over the top, please a bit respect gentleman for Bottas. I remember even Button making Lewis cry but that was then at least real, now he is acting bad LOL. All the top drivers would have won 5 tittle in the cars he kissed thanks to God. Alonso, Rosberg, Ricciardo, Hulkenberg, Vettel, Kimi from the older generation and again the young guns no change whatsoever, Verstappen & LeClerc to name the best of group. We'r gonna see next year if the Honda stands up to the superior Mercedes and Ferrai engines and chassis, not a easy task with the budgets they have. Go, go RBR & Ferrari
US ajpennypacker 29 Nov 2018 17:090
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Please... That's a tired argument. Sure, the same could be said of 6 of Schumacher's championship, and all of Vettel's. Also to some extent some of Aryton's and Alain's titles. All of those driver's won titles with absolutely dominant cars. We could speculate that any top driver could have won with their cars. But the facts remains that they didn't. Also, every driver on that list except for Vettel won titles in car's that weren't supremely dominant. Two of those driver's won titles while having top driver's as teammates (Ayrton and Alain). Then you have Lewis, who has won titles with utterly dominant cars. But also won one with a car that was definitely not dominant in 2008. He also won with a top driver as a teammate. Now can you say there is less merit for winning in a dominant car? Sure. That's why Alonso is so highly rated. But if you're going to rubbish Lewis on that criteria, you're also rubbishing others, which I'm sure you didn't intend to do.

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