Sirotkin wants "clarity" from Williams

Published on 20 Nov 2018 14:19

Sergey Sirotkin says he would like “clarity” from Williams regarding its future plans. Reports suggest that Williams will announce Robert Kubica’s signing at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix this coming weekend. The British team have already announced George Russell as one of their 2019 drivers. 

Sirotkin made his Formula 1 debut in Australia this season, but with a struggling car, he hasn’t been able to produce positive performances. Throughout 20 races, the 23-year-old has scored just one point which came from the aid of Grosjean’s disqualification in Italy.

Sirotkin wants to know what exactly is going on after rumours about his exit develop. Williams will be looking to bounce back from a horror season scoring 76 points less than 2017. 

“Right now, sitting here, I want clarity. It is very unpleasant to read the latest news and see what is happening. But then you get behind the wheel and immerse yourself in the process of racing. All of the problems disappear, and the rest of the world ceases to exist,” Sirotkin said. 

He was then asked about the possibility of returning as a test and development driver. This would make for a direct swap between himself and Kubica. Sirotkin claims he doesn't want this role within the Williams team. 

“Right now, of course, I’m not ready for that. I have said repeatedly that I invested much more in this season than people see. The last thing I want is for the results of my work to go to someone else,” Sirotkin added. 

“It is clear that this year we have worked for the future, the results should come next season. If you gave up and quit what you worked on, it will be a big disappointment.”

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SE calle.itw 20 Nov 2018 17:350
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I've heard similar rumours about Kubica actually getting a contract. If he does, grand.
US ajpennypacker 22 Nov 2018 03:350
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It would be a great thing for the sport and I think for Williams too. They haven't had a proper driver that can push the team in a long time. Yes, I'm excluding Massa.
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Does Sirotkin have a contract for next year? I don't think so. Doesn't get much clearer
SE calle.itw 20 Nov 2018 20:380
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Not yet, but as of late Williams have had a talent for postponing these kinda deals into the last minute.
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Today polish media stated, that Orlen will announce Williams sponsoring probably today.
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...and it's done. They've just stated it.
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Just read on my local media outlet that Kubica signed with Williams. Hope thst Williams will have a better car next season.
Too bad for Sirotkin either way. He wasn't half bad. In my book he is better than Stroll

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