Perez hopeful Force India investment will take it to the 'next level'

Published on 16 Nov 2018 12:10

Sergio Perez is confident that Force India's new owners will allow the team to make the next step and be more competitive than ever. The old Force India outfit fell into administration prior to the summer break earlier this year, before it was rescued by a consortium of investors.

The team had its points reset and started the Belgian Grand Prix as a brand new entry. It has since climbed its way into seventh place in the constructor's standings and is currently 14 points away from McLaren in sixth.

The Silverstone outfit has run on a low budget compared to the championship winning teams, but Perez, who will remain at the team for a sixth consecutive season next year, is hopeful that the money invested will go a long way.

“It’s going to make a big difference where the team will start,” Perez said. “We generally have a good package but it comes really late in the season, we should be having a strong baseline from race one onwards, and that should make a big difference.

“Saying that, I can’t take anything away from the team. We’ve been extremely successful with the limitation we’ve had, the last two years we’ve been best of the rest. The team has been fourth. There’s plenty of encouragement and big expectations.

“I think [with] the level of investment, where the team is going to start the season, the development rate, we have to deliver to a new level. I hope we can make the next step.”

Perez's 2019 teammate has not yet been announced, however he is set to be joined by Lance Stroll, as his father Lawrence led the team of investors over the summer break. Perez says that the team's target now has to be closing in on the top three teams.

“Lawrence is willing to put this team into the next step and the next step has to be the top three. You’re fighting big budgets, big facilities but I believe with the right investment and guidance, this team can be one to watch for the new future. I’m optimistic that already next year, we should be making a good step forwards.

“Lawrence is really enthusiastic and very optimistic about the team and willing to take this team to the next level, he understands racing, he believes a lot in what he has bought. I want to be part of this next generation of the team, we have very promising times ahead of us.”

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GB talktohenry 16 Nov 2018 13:140
Posts: 357
No way Lawrence will put the big money in he will want to put as little as possible in and once the initial investment and honeymoon of running a team is over he will put in oven less. Been there seen this all before when a big hitter comes into F1, and reality hits -they've all fallen except Dietrich Mateschitz, but I wish him well and hope he proves me wrong!
PL juju_hound 16 Nov 2018 13:190
Posts: 177
Don't forget this is different than his business history so far because his son will be involved, no cold business calculation but personal emotions will be involved - how to help his son to get into Ferrari one day.
US ajpennypacker 16 Nov 2018 15:560
Posts: 1499
Right. Also, keep in mind that everything Force India has accomplished was done with one of the smallest budgets on the grid. Anything Lawrence does will help. But as @juju said, it won't be a mediocre effort, because his son is involved land #2 because already took a lot of money and effort to buy
SE calle.itw 16 Nov 2018 18:150
Posts: 5864
Ya, FI has done miracles with really low budgets time after time, and Im sure they'll continue to be a supreme team in that regard. Which is a really impressive trait. I'd love to see a heavier budget cap in that sense, imagine FI running on their same budget while Ferrari and co were running on half flame.
NL michielhimself 18 Nov 2018 02:550
Posts: 96
Historically that team has had above-average privateer funding efforts bestowed upon it: Eddie Jordan and Vijay Mallya, for all their other faults, seem to have genuinely loved their team efforts enough to give it a proper go putting in blood, sweat and dollars. The Midland F1 (Collin Kolles) and Spyker years didn't help though ...
NL michielhimself 18 Nov 2018 02:520
Posts: 96
And who will Perez push off the track in frustration if RPFI don't deliver that next level, I wonder? Him and Ocon turned out to be two peas in that pod ... Lance Stroll better have his dad put some restraining clauses in Perez' contract.

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