F1 still aiming for new 2021 manufacturer

Published on 14 Nov 2018 11:32

Formula 1 is still hopeful that it will attract a new manufacturer into the sport for the 2021 season. F1 is set for a major regulation overall in two years, with both engine and aerodynamic rules being switched up from their current specifications.

Over the past year, a number of brands including Porsche and Aston Martin have attended F1 meetings regarding the future of the sport. Currently, there are just four engine manufacturers, Mercedes, Ferrari, Renault and Honda.

And despite worries over the costs of entering, which Liberty Media is aiming to reduce, F1 CEO Chae Carey is confident that there will be another established racing brand on the grid in some shape or form in 2021.

"What we really came to an agreement with [was that] everyone got persuaded by the stabilising [of the regulations],” he said. “When you have a new engine it’s [a case of] everybody starts over and there’s always unintended consequences out of a new engine.

“The intent of this [the 2021 rules] was not just to develop a path for existing entrants but develop a path we think is enticing and interesting for new entrants. We clearly have technology that is miles beyond anything else out there at any level.

"The efficiency of these engines, you know one of the things that hasn’t been told well enough is the hybrid engine that came out a few years ago… the incredible performance it gets today with a much more fuel efficient basis than prior engines.

“We wanted to continue to make sure we had a hybrid engine that was road relevant today, but at the top of the pyramid in terms of technology that in many ways is at the forefront of what’s going on in the world. Part of that is what attracts the right new engine manufacturers into it as well.

“I do think the path we’re on, we have had some discussions with potential new entrants, we're encouraged. I think there’s broad agreement the path we’ve landed on for going forward is the right path for everybody, again existing and new."

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SE calle.itw 14 Nov 2018 16:010
Posts: 5636
That ship has most likely sailed, Carey, just focus on the other stuff instead. As long as we dont lose any manufacturers we are fine. More would have been to prefer, but it is what it is.
Posts: 330
But even hybrids don’t figure much in the politicians Green dreams as none currently on the road in the uk meet the forward targets. With a cap I can’t see Merc wanting to continue and maybe not Ferrari as they won’t like the level playing field it will create where their 2x, 3x and 4x budget gives them the edge.
US mcbhargav 14 Nov 2018 17:560
Posts: 727
Two words: Hybrid and Honda, should have scared the hell out of any potential suppliers. With most manufacturers looking to electrify their future, wonder who has the time and budget to dip their toes now? This is a proposition with a lot to loose, and hardly anything to gain.
Posts: 186
they should relax the engine layout rules.

any number of cylinders, any angle. just meet the maximum cubic capacity and your in.
Posts: 330
Agree entirely, if they really want to promote innovation it needs a wider scope, although most of the ‘road relevance’ is down sizing and based around 3 and 4 cylinders, (even straight 6’s are reappearing) as the OEM’s are modularising a core cylinder performance and scaling up.
Posts: 550
Time was 1.5 liter naturally aspirated, 1 liter with forced induction. Worked just fine.
Posts: 951
For me they should relax the electric parts of the PU. Create as much electric power and release to an max power limit based on Kwh.
GB F1todayfan101 15 Nov 2018 01:330
Posts: 65
Its got to be Aston... in a merc tie up now that RBR are going Honda. There's something going on, a few strange job adverts and people being linked to F1 but no team.....

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