Verstappen ordered to two days of 'public service order' after Ocon push

Published on 11 Nov 2018 22:32

Max Verstappen will undertake two days of community service after pushing Esteban Ocon several times at the Brazilian Grand Prix. Verstappen was venting his frustration at the French following their on-track clash during the race.

Verstappen was upset with Ocon as the collision occurred when Verstappen was leading the race and the Frenchman was attempting to un-lap himself. Ocon received a ten-second stop-go penalty during the race, and was handed three penalty points after the chequered flag. 

After the incident, Verstappen told reporters: “I don’t really have a lot to comment on that, except that he was being a pussy.” However, the two were seen shaking hands as they left the investigation by the stewards. 

Full statement from the stewards

"The stewards reviewed video evidence from the FIA’s CCTV Cameras and heard from the driver of car 33 (Max Verstappen), the driver of car 31 (Esteban Ocon) and the team representatives.

"The driver, Max Verstappen entered the FIA Weigh Bridge Garage, proceeded directly to driver Esteban Ocon and following a few words, started an altercation, pushing or hitting Ocon forcefully several times in the chest.

"The stewards held a hearing, in which both drivers acted appropriately and cooperated with the Stewards. The Stewards understood from Max Verstappen that he was extremely upset by the incident on track during the race and accepted his explanation that it was not his original intent to strike Ocon, but that he was “triggered” and caused him to loose his temper.

"While sympathetic to Verstappen’s passion, the Stewards determined that it is the obligation of sportsmen at this level to act appropriately and as role models to other drivers at all levels and found that Verstappen failed in this respect. The Stewards therefore ordered that Max Verstappen is required to perform two (2) days of public service at the direction of the FIA within six months of the incident. (Penalty under Art. 12.3.1.c of the FIA International Sporting Code.)

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SE calle.itw 11 Nov 2018 22:52+1
Posts: 5864
Ugh.. Look, say what you want about Hammy chatting shyte in the press, I do it willingly, I do it frequently, and I do it erotically, but this is just childish.
US ajpennypacker 11 Nov 2018 22:570
Posts: 1499
Agreed. I know some (aka Verstappen fans) will come out saying some garbage about how F1 has gone soft, than "in the old days blah blah blah." point is that this was unprofessional and childish. It was good entertainment to be sure, but it also needs some mild punishment, which was also given. All in all, a fantastic race today.
SE calle.itw 11 Nov 2018 23:030
Posts: 5864
Loved it today, and both involved were fairly penalized. While I want some degree of drama, beachslapping and handbagging is just pointless. I miss the comradery of the old days. Regardless, the conspiracy theories that sprung up are great for business. ;)
NL Patentprutser 11 Nov 2018 23:110
Posts: 256
Ridiculous. Can’t a driver be passionate no more? FIA is really becoming childish.
Posts: 990
oh well. who cares. Max won't. The FIA must love this, nothing but positives for them. Nevermind the true nature of both drivers came up. Max is passionate and a fighter, Ocon is the boy that crashed his dad's car and tries to blame the other driver without an apology. Great drama;can this season get any better?
US Educatanho 11 Nov 2018 23:240
Posts: 2
I think a good punishment would be life imprisonment ... hahhahaha. The next step of the FIA ​​will be to switch cars through video games. exaggerated a little, just that.
Posts: 193
Guys congrats to Lewis and Mercedes W.C. Now please on top of Max loosing the race another FIA punishment, is it not normal pushing a French poodle's pussy for a man like Max? Max just show's some normal human emotions after getting rubbed of victory would you not? Further nothing from Mercedes to say sorry to Max, it stinks royal. GB stewards officials and FIA are standing in the way of real racing, as long as the boring procession follows the leader in the best car for the last 10 years with wingman Bottas blocking & stopping the rest, they'r happy for safety LOL. No wonder F1 has less viewers and ticket sales, who is interested in this over regulated. Who made the race interesting today? yes the guy who gets punished. Please FIA let the boys race and also who call's Vettel in to weight his car in Q2 in changing weather condition, simple mad, and than not even ready for it. Royal sucks.
Posts: 263
Gone are the days of Piquet and Salazar. Enter Verstappen and Ocon.
Posts: 193
Max pushed a French pussy and she smiled to him to put oil on the fire. No excuses or even sorry.
NL KyalamiKid 12 Nov 2018 07:400
Posts: 146
appropriate punishment for an understandable reaction.
They kiss and make up?
Cool, on to 2019!!! (Well for Max that is... Ocon not so much)
Posts: 1
I'd like to see what the community service is, I hope it's mowing the lawn at the FIA building with a by RBR prepared ride on mower
SE calle.itw 12 Nov 2018 18:090
Posts: 5864
Maybe he can get some advice from Hammy on how to do it properly?
ES Lotus4Ever 12 Nov 2018 11:48+4
Posts: 19
I my opinion it only shows how immature Verstappen is ....
US mcbhargav 12 Nov 2018 11:52+1
Posts: 787
Team that handled the issue from FIA is perhaps not capable/suitable to handle this issue. A race ban would ve sent a message strong enough through the paddock, for the otherwise pointless race left.
SE calle.itw 12 Nov 2018 18:090
Posts: 5864
But a race ban would kinda hurt the show and the team, and I dont really think thats apt. Maybe a grid penalty or something? Nothing much, but maybe 3 places down?
US mcbhargav 13 Nov 2018 16:440
Posts: 787
Agrred. What was i thinking? F1 is a business first.
US Ram Samartha 13 Nov 2018 17:490
Posts: 291
I think a race ban would have been very appropriate. He would have lost his chance at 3rd in the driver's. If he would've asked Kimi, he probably would have given it to him so he didn't have to go the award ceremony. A ban would have also hurt the team to the extent that Horner wouldn't be defending him and there would internal pressure to get his act together. Just when he was starting to look like he was maturing he goes and shows once again just how immature and arrogant he is. I wish Ocon would have knocked that smirk off his face. He was totally playing to the crowd and the cameras. Everyone on the grid now has it fully confirmed just what a huge jerk Verstappen really is.
SE calle.itw 13 Nov 2018 19:260
Posts: 5864
Come on, McBhargav, surely you have more nuance than that? F1 is both a business and a sport, like all big sports, however I dont really think it was bad enough for a complete race ban. And am I someone whom generally defend Max?
Posts: 337
One place for a shove, two for a black eye, three for a bloody nose. Pistols at dawn, back of the grid.
US Ram Samartha 13 Nov 2018 17:400
Posts: 291
Should have a been a 1 race ban minimum. He was totally playing to the crowd and sending a message that this kind of bully/hooligan mentality is appropriate in F1. He lost the race himself because of his ego he couldn't be more patient in getting past Ocon. He had the race win in his pocket and threw it away, then he acts like a spoilt brat on the playground who got his toy trophy taken away from him. Verstappen fans are like the Trump fans in the US who have drank the Trump Koolaid. They can't see what he is really doing and think he can do no wrong. He's the most spoilt arrogant brat to come along to F1 since Hammy.
NL KyalamiKid 13 Nov 2018 21:200
Posts: 146
the same people that shout that F1 is boring are now calling for race bans... This was one of the most entertaining F1 shows in a long time, both on and off the grid. No one got hurt, few egos bruised, bring it on! Part of the show

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