Drivers to discuss tyres in Brazil

Published on 09 Nov 2018 11:02

The GPDA, Formula 1 drivers body, will host a meeting in Brazil to discuss the recent problems with tyres. Throughout the season, the tyres have been blistering badly, especially in hot conditions. Over the last few races, tyre management has become an increasingly important factor. 

One of the biggest tyre troubles this season came in the Austrian Grand Prix when drivers described their car as "undriveable" because of the blistering. Daniel Ricciardo claims that Pirelli will never please everyone because of the challenge they face. 

"I don't think anyone ever seems to be satisfied. They wanted a tyre we can race harder on for longer, and I feel now we're nearly getting that," Ricciardo said.  "But I don't know how to have a tyre that we can push hard on but is going to degrade, so we can still do a two or three-stop. I feel we're just going to drive slower like we're doing now. It is just managing a one-stop and that is a quicker race."

During the meeting, tyres won't be the only thing the drivers bring attention to. Romain Grosjean, chairman of the GPDA, would like wider issues to be included in the talks. Most points are in correlation to what a lot of fans are talking about. 

From a personal point of view, Grosjean explains how he fields the gap between the top six and the rest is too big. He also claims that the races are no longer fun to drive in. 

"I feel like we need to give our feedback and maybe try to do a bit more because the races aren't fun. P6 in Mexico is two laps down? How do you hope to see a midfield car on the podium if they are one or two laps down? The delta between the big teams and the small teams is too big," Grosjean said.

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in F1 there are 6 out of 20 racers that can win any given race.
thats not actually too bad.

I remember 500cc motorcycle seasons where only mic doohan could win and the action was for second.

if the others want to catch the front 6 in F1 they need to get better (car and driver) . simple as that

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