F1 may move away from Silverstone

Published on 08 Nov 2018 11:37

Sean Bratches, the commercial managing director of Formula 1 has hinted at a possible move away from Silverstone, This comes after Silverstone triggered their break clause in their contract to host the race, meaning that 2019 will be the last in the current deal.

It was expected that Liberty Media would re-negotiate the deal to keep Silverstone on the calendar as the home of the British Grand Prix, but so far there have been no leaks of any negotiations taking place.

Regardless, Liberty Media have made it clear in the past that they would like to keep Formula 1's historic and iconic tracks, but with new tracks being added to the calendar, some races will inevitably have to be dropped.

He said: "We're a 68-year-old entity and the nature of grand prix racing is that it is dynamic. Silverstone was the first grand prix, but we haven't raced at Silverstone all those 68 years."

"The race has been held at Brands Hatch and other venues. Nothing is immutable in this sport in terms of where we race. We do value certain races highly and do what we can to preserve racing there, but we are a business.

"We are a public company and we have a lot of stakeholders and shareholders and we're trying to marry what's best for fans with running a successful business."

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SE calle.itw 08 Nov 2018 16:370
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Unfortunate, but it is what it is. Are we going to have a British GP at all, or is are they just going to ditch one of their biggest fanbases?
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but, but, but . . .Miami and Viet Nam
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“The end is nigh”. Shame but F1 has gone more and more global away from its mostly Europe roots. Fan entry cost is astronomic and most decent public viewing has been squeezed out by hospitality viewing - yet it loses big money. ‘State’ events have put paid to circuits like this yet they only pull on race day. Maybe Rockingham? Everyone could watch all of the race only not sure if the off-banking area is big enough to get enough lap distance.
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i think it's a real shame that GB cant have two high-level circuits, no money to build one? But if you would think about it, there are places in europe where a GP is a must but not existing, like any of the scandinavian countries
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Yes but can’t somehow see an F1 car in snow tyres! Sorry Calle couldn’t resist, nothing personal.

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