Coulthard: McLaren, Williams need to reinvent

Published on 04 Nov 2018 11:25

David Coulthard says the sudden drop in form from McLaren and Williams demonstrates the sport doesn't respect history or reputation. He believes both teams must "reinvent" themselves following tough periods within F1, suggesting they should bring in new, younger talent.

Both teams have already announced changes going into the 2019 season. Between them, the two British teams hold 17 constructor's championships, but those days seem a long way from returning. Williams sits at the bottom of the Constructors' championship having picked up just seven points. 

McLaren's last podium was 97 Grands Prix ago when Kevin Magnussen and Jenson Button finished second and third respectively at the 2014 Australian race. Since then, they've struggled to produce any results despite having big names in and out of the cockpit. Lando Norris and Carlos Sainz move in next year, producing some fresh faces. 

Having driven and fought at the highest level for both teams, Coulthard finds it hard to watch how they perform. In his comments on BBC Sport, he provided some suggestions on how to reverse the current issues. 

"It's confusing and disappointing to see the difficulty they have gone through. Success comes from the people, not the name on the door. It isn't self-sustaining. It is all about the people involved at any given period," Coulthard said.

"Clearly, both those teams have not been able to energise, reinvent and attract young talent and that is what they have to focus on. They need to change the structures they have in place and bring in the young talent. That is where the energy comes from."

So far, it looks like Coulthard will get what he's asking for. Williams is bringing in George Russell, a young British 19-year-old who will make his debut next season having performed well in the F2 series this year. The second seat at Williams remains unconfirmed.

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Hopefully they will improve; it's dreadful to see these teams at the back. But it's kinda their own doing.
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I have a different and more basic view to DC. It’s all about money. From this site earlier in the year and other F1 budget reporting, the bigger money buys more engineers, better talent, more materials and design research, more simulation, more dyno hours, etc. etc. etc.
In round numbers the results this season follow the money, Ferrari & MB £400M, RB £300M, Renault & McL £200M, everyone else £100’ish. Yes, McL/Renault should be better than the lower budget teams, maybe they will be in 2019. But in IMO unless they dosh up an extra £150-£200M they will mostly stay off the podium like everyone other than MB, F & RB apart from rainy days etc. The manufacturer teams have it and will continue to have it stitched up (unless another ‘Brawn’ pops up with a winging idea that no one else has twigged). Thus, hats off to RB for getting so close but without an almost bottomless bank account.
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It's not only money since that would have meant that mcLaren would have been successful with Honda. However I believe that RB will have an major improvement next year because of the Honda linkup.
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is not completly over the budget, as organisation williams and mclaren is fading as bottom teams.. Mclaren could not make updates for both car these season also when one crashes is hard to have a new chassis intime... also there chasssis has a big failieur on design aswell also dont wanna admit. Fundamental design centre is not invested and old.
GB Major Tom 04 Nov 2018 22:220
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Changing drivers won't help McLaren. The problem is the design of the car. Changing driver could help Williams - they have the worst pairing of drivers on the grid - however the car also seems to be a problem.
US mcbhargav 05 Nov 2018 01:000
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Imo, Mclaren did a good job by not signing a major player ( if there is any ) and saving those crucial millions. I hope, they take a leaf from RPF1 and develop their car for long term. They are on a right track, hope they continue to do so.
SE calle.itw 05 Nov 2018 06:560
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Yes, there is way more to this than just the budget. Looking at it, neither McLaren or Williams have exactly been cheapskates this season, and look at where they are. The only reason McLaren managed to score the kinda points they have this year is down to Alonso's skill and luck, and that aint a lasting concept. Mind, they seem to be on the right track with Brown. And some of their issues can be ground down to having a shorter time to develop their car. Williams is a bit more concerning, because this has been going on for forever, and I dont think more cash woulda saved this season. And thats with a Mercedes engine. They really need to do what McLaren is doing, and rebuild their team.

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