Wolff insists title battle is 'far from over'

Published on 24 Oct 2018 11:52

Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff believes that the outcome of the US Grand Prix last Sunday shows that the title fight is far from over. Ferrari came out on top in the race after Mercedes beat the Maranello outfit on Saturday.

Lewis Hamilton took pole position in qualifying, but when came to the race, he was jumped off the line by Kimi Raikkonen. The Finn raced on a one-stop strategy, despite starting on a softer tyre. Hamilton made two pitstops, which made for an exciting and unpredictable end to the race.

Raikkonen took the victory while his teammate Sebastian Vettel, who spun on lap 1, managed to find his way past Valtteri Bottas on the penultimate lap of the race. Despite Mercedes holding a comfortable advantage with just three races to go, Wolff says that the fight is very much still on.

"The United States Grand Prix confirmed what we said before the race: This year's championship fight is far from over,” Wolff said. “While Lewis was able to extend his lead over Sebastian Vettel in Austin, we lost points to Ferrari in the constructors' championship.

We have a battle on our hands and we will have to keep pushing to win both titles," he continued. "We cannot be happy with the result in Texas, but it provides us with an opportunity to learn and come back stronger.”

F1 heads to the Autódromo Hermanos Rodríguez in Mexico for the next round of the season, where Mercedes struggled in 2017. Wolff is bracing for a tough fight against not only Ferrari, but also Red Bull as the season enters the final chapters of 2018.

“Our next stop brings us to Mexico City where we will face a very different challenge,” he explained. “The Autódromo Hermanos Rodríguez is an outlier given its high altitude and the demands this puts on the cars and power units.

“It has been one of the weaker tracks for us in previous years and we expect a hard fight with Ferrari and Red Bull. We know that it is not going to be an easy race, but everyone in the team is focused, motivated and determined to keep the pressure on until the chequered flag in Abu Dhabi.”

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US Rindtchamp 24 Oct 2018 12:18+3
Posts: 291
Far from over? What a load of tripe.. Hamilton needs like a 7th place from 3 races?

LOL, it's as dead as it can be. Stop talking out of your rear end Toto.
US ajpennypacker 25 Oct 2018 03:460
Posts: 1508
True, but it all fairness what the hell else is he supposed to say "this shit is over, we got it wrapped up in a bow"?
US mcbhargav 25 Oct 2018 05:340
Posts: 800
Yeah. In a way, his job is the most proud, yet very boring to do year after the year. Anyways, all that championship and sponsorship money must be consoling him well.
AU Olfacius 24 Oct 2018 12:42+1
Posts: 22
Yeah; right... apart from any catastrophic failure or similar misadventure.
Here's the bag - it's inside.
Posts: 270
Well, constructors is maybe still half-alive. Wdc is dead an' burried.
Posts: 572
Numbers are not Toto's thing.
NL KyalamiKid 24 Oct 2018 17:350
Posts: 146
He's right, we ll have to wait until Sunday... 4 days was an eternity when I was a kid waiting for my birthday...
SE calle.itw 24 Oct 2018 19:350
Posts: 5898
That ship has sailed, mr. 50 Shades of Wolff. It left home, set sail, returned since it remembered it had forgotten its keys at home, set sail again, sailed the globe and has returned to port filled with silk and spice.
US mcbhargav 24 Oct 2018 20:290
Posts: 800
...and winks at James Allison. Both will have a hearty laugh!
Posts: 303
Agree, James Allison - got to be the most inspired move of the year for me ! Mercedes won't have missed the fact the Ferrari is v fast since going back to old spec - so the victory this year and celebration will be short lived - Toto knows that and he's doing the right thing in keeping perspectives right. It is this calculated approach that has brought success to the team - got to give him some slack when he comes out with comments like this. At leats, I feel he deserves that.

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