Ocon, Magnussen disqualified from US GP classifications

Published on 22 Oct 2018 00:13

Esteban Ocon and Kevin Magnussen have been disqualified from the US Grand Prix after they were found to be in breach of rules regarding fuel flow. The two drivers had finished in eighth and ninth place respectively, but have now been stripped of their points.

Both drivers were summoned to the stewards after the race, where it was confirmed that they would be excluded from the official classifications.

Ocon called due to an alleged breach of Article 5.1.4 of the FIA Formula One Technical Regulationwhich states simply states that "fuel mass flow must not exceed 100kg/h." 

Magnussen was summoned under Article 30.5 of the FIA Formula One Technical Regulation: "Cars may use no more than 105kg of fuel in each race (with the power unit regulations stipulating that fuel flow must not exceed 100kg/hour). Drivers exceeding the fuel limit during a race will be immediately excluded from the race results."

Force India team principal Otmar Szafnauer said:  "What happened was that there was a spike of flow and then a trough – so if you look at it over a lap it was neutral," he said, speaking before the stewards' decision. If you look at it over the lap there is no infringement, but it depends how you chop up the lap. This is the first time it has happened."

The disqualifications mean that Brendon Hartley and Marcus Ericsson have been promoted to ninth and tenth respectively. It is the second time this year that Haas has had a car disqualified form a race after Romain Grosjean was excluded from the Italian Grand Prix in September.

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perhaps this is a warning to ferrari and mercedes in their factory cars . party mode is related to excess fuel flow.
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@F1SKI i think, in qualifying this doesnt count, as there wil never be 100kg fuel in the car?
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@RBH1 - "fuel mass flow must not exceed 100kg/h." 100kg of fuel is not needed to achieve a flow rate of 100kg/h
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this also applies in Qualification runs or Practice runs. I believe that previously there were issue's with the Redbull where they exceeded this rule. There has never been calculated over a lap it's an instantaneous reading that must be adhered to. However if they are running the same software loads as their factory teams than this is an issue which extends to them.
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Offcourse the teams should have been aware of this and told their drivers to hold back.
Actually Magnussen was aware of his high fuel usage, thats why he did not manage to pass Ocon, because he had ti lift off the gas for each corner to preserve fuel.

But with that said, I feel it´s kind of a stupid rule (too many rules overall), cause that means that they can´t race each other, even if they are faster.
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Over regulation again. Maximum fuel of 105 kg is fine, then let the teams ‘go with the flow’. If they use too much for performance they don’t finish, on the other hand select “party mode” (hate the phrase) to overtake with or without DRS. Should add some spice, the sport needs more freedom.

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