Alonso: Topping midfield means nothing to me

Published on 10 Oct 2018 11:47

Fernando Alonso says that finishing in seventh and topping the midfield battle this season would mean absolutely nothing to him. The Spaniard will walk away from Formula 1 at the end of 2018, having spent 17 years in the series.

The double world champion has been without a competitive car for a number of years, last competing for the title in 2012. This year, the best he can hope for is finishing at the front of the midfield pack, seventh place. But that honour is of no worth to the former Renault and Ferrari man.

"It means nothing to finish seventh in the championship,” he said. “There is no point to have any plan for that. My only plan is to finish in the constructors’ championship as high as possible with McLaren.

“We have now a strong position. We have maybe no hope to catch Renault and Haas, but the gap between us and Force India and Sauber is reducing every race because they are very strong now. We will not let them catch us before Abu Dhabi, so that’s my main focus. The driver's championship, really not too interested.”

McLaren's pace has dwindled as the 2018 season has worn on. At the start of the year in Australia, Alonso came home to bag a fifth-place finish. Now however, points are a rarity for the Woking squad as they have scuttled down to be backmarkers.

Alonso says that McLaren's focus on the 2019 car is the cause for the collapse in form: “Feeling-wise, it feels good,” he said when asked about the MCL33. “The car it feels the same as last year. That’s probably the problem.

“The car is the same as last year, and 12 months later, the people make a lot of ground compared to us. I think we constantly see new parts to the midfield guys every weekend, because we see their cars, we see the pictures you guys take of the cars etc. We see always updates to everyone, and from probably Spain, we don’t have any.”

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SE calle.itw 10 Oct 2018 16:090
Posts: 5251
Alonso do at times remind me of those CEOs of the game industry that refer to their customers as "whales and dolphins" (and other sea creatures) based on their spending habits, and that doesnt care for some money. Its all the money in the world or it might aswell get tossed into the sea.
US ajpennypacker 10 Oct 2018 20:190
Posts: 1253
Top of the midfield is a good honor for someone trying to build a reputation, or keep their seat in F1. Alonso needs neither, so I get the somewhat arrogant response. What surprises me is how early Mclaren stopped working on the car. Knowing Alonso's luck, Mclaren will probably come back next year with a pretty decent car. That being said, it might workout for a potential comeback in 2020 if McLaren can really get going. I just don't see Sainz becoming the super star Mclaren needs. As for Lando? I've been a strong supporter of his, but the way he has fizzled in GP2 is troubling. Particularly after seeing someone like Vandoorne who was so dominant and yet struggled in F1.

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