Ricciardo 'frustrated and fed up' with bad luck

Published on 07 Oct 2018 04:45

Daniel Ricciardo has said that he is 'frustrated and fed up' with the bad luck he is having this season, after he experienced another mechanical issue in qualifying. This means that the Australian will start all the way down in 15th place for the race tomorrow. 

He was also seen (and heard) shouting inside his helmet on the way to the interview pen, something which is rare to see from Ricciardo, who is usually the smile of the paddock.

He said: "The good news is I don't have to take any penalties tomorrow. Obviously the penalty was today, but it won't get worse. It was a throttle actuator. Basically it broke. As soon as I went on throttle I knew something was up. It sounded ugly, and then we tried to start it up — one of the bits was broken. I would've preferred it happened in practice or something.

"It's a French [Renault] thing. I think it's just a manufacturing, just a part. It's a piece about eight millimetres or something thick. It kind of just broke. Apparently they take a beating. I haven't seen it, but I guess it probably just snapped off or something."

"I can't really [believe it], because even if I go back to Monaco, I got the result, but if you forget what my result was, I had a lot of bad luck on that Sunday. It nearly went. I did have bad luck, but I didn't, because it still got me home, so I kind of feel even Monaco wasn't that smooth."

"I was just sitting with my engineer before and we really struggled to think of a smooth weekend we've had from start to finish. I don't want it to come across all negative, but I think it's just more that we've had a really unlucky one. I don't really know why."

"Obviously I'm frustrated and fed up, but I'm not going to let it get the best of me, I'm just going to keep trying an believe it will eventually turn around — hopefully at some point this year."

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